Combined Oxygen and Oxygen Control to Improve Flammulina Quality

Flammulina velutipes is an aerobic fungus that needs to constantly absorb fresh air during the metabolic process. Flammulina requires large amounts of oxygen to be consumed during the budding period and the early growth period of fruiting bodies, especially when cultivated in large amounts. When the accumulated carbon dioxide concentration in the air exceeds 0.6%, the development of fruit bodies and caps will be inhibited. However, when the fruiting body grows to about 4 centimeters in length, it is necessary to control the oxygen content in the mushroom shed, because if the oxygen content in the mushroom shed is higher then the needle of the mushroom is short and the mushroom cap is easy to open.
Oxygen mushroom buds and fruiting period: During the early growth period, supplement the oxygen: Open the film covered by the bacteria bag every day, and ventilate the vents for 1 hour before and after opening the greenhouse in the morning and evening, and then cover the outside of the bacteria bag to moisten and close the membrane. Vents in the front and back of the booth. This will not only make up for oxygen, but also make it possible to maintain high humidity inside the mushroom shed, which is beneficial to the development of buds and fruiting bodies.
During the rapid development of the fruiting body, oxygen must be controlled. In order to keep the air in the mushroom house fresh, the vents before and after the greenhouse are open all day. In order to reduce the oxygen content around the fruit bodies, the film covered by the bacteria bag should be tightly closed, but it should be ventilated once in the morning and evening to discharge the bad gas near the bacteria bag. In the morning and in the evening, it is possible to ventilate and blow the film covered by the bacteria bag once for about 10 minutes.

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