Combining Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus Bag Wall

Using bean stalks to cultivate Pleurotus ostreatus can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency. According to experiments: Using bean straw as a raw material, using a combination of bag planting and wall planting, the biological efficiency can be stabilized at about 200%, and the highest can reach 300%. The specific methods are introduced as follows: The prepared culture medium was selected from fresh dry, mold-free soybean straw, exposed to the sun for 2-3 days, and then crushed with a 1 cm-powder grinder. The formula is: 78 kg of soybean meal, 10 kg of wheat straw, 5 kg of bean cake, 1 kg of gypsum, 3.5 kg of superphosphate, 0.5 kg of urea, 2 kg of corn flour, and about 130 kg of water. After mixing the broth, the fermentation is allowed to pile up and it is turned 3 times. 2. Packing inoculation will spread the fermented culture material to 30 degrees Celsius below, and put it in 22-25 centimeters and 50 centimeters plastic bag. The two layers of material will be three layers of bacteria, covering the material surface with bacteria at both ends of the bag mouth. The inoculation amount is 15 kg of bacteria per 100 kg of dry material, and then tie the bag. 3. 10-15 days after seed bag management, the mycelium has grown vigorously, and then 8-10 micropores can be needled with wood to supplement the oxygen required for mycelial growth and accelerate its growth. The mycelium is about 20-25 days old. Can be full of bacteria bags. 4. Prepare nutrient soil with 65 kg of fertile garden soil, 20 kg of slag (sieve), 10 kg of mixed wood or straw powder, 3 kg of lime, 1.5 kg of superphosphate, and 0.5 kg of urea. Mix the first three kinds of main materials first, then dissolve the lime, phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers into water, and pour them on the dry materials, and adjust the humidity in several grades. 5. After the bag-breaking wall mycelium is full of the mycelium, 7-10 days after entering the full-bag, when entering the reproductive growth stage, untie the two ends of the seal, roll the tube membrane from one end to the other, and then place the two ends of the opening in two rows. The distance between the rows is 3-4 cm. Fill the bags with nutritious soil to a thickness of 1-2 cm, and then discharge the second-tier double-line bag. This layer of bags is a layer of soil and contains 6-8 layers. The uppermost layer Cover the earth 8-10 cm thick, and made with a groove-like slot, the tank can be planted garlic to prevent soil compaction. 6. Mushroom management bacterium wall will be sprayed with water after 5-6 days. The tide mushroom bioconversion rate is about 100%. After the first tidal mushroom is harvested, the nutrient solution is added with irrigation in the tank: 1 kg of superphosphate and 0.5 kg of urea are added per 100 kg of water, and 4-5 times of mushroom can be collected. 7. After the wall has been planted and the mushroom walls have been mushroomed, they can be disassembled, and the plastic film can be peeled off. The unopened mushroom should be erected upwards and erected in Yangshuo. The gap between the fungus rods should be filled with the soil and the water should be used to permeate the bacteria. Stick, film management, can also mushroom 3-4 tide.

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1g Testosterone Popionate Powder
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How to Filter semi-finished steroids oils? 
Filtering is just a simple process to let the semi-finished steroids oils get through the filter membrane.
During this process, since the size of most of the bacteria are larger than 0.6 um, so the pore size of filter membrane 0.22 or 0.45 um will be good, the bacteria will leave behind on the filter membrane and thesemi-finished steroids oilsbecome sterile and safe for injection.
To filter semi-finished steroids oils, according to the quantities, there are mainly 3 types of filters, vacuum pump filter set, bottle top filter set and syringe filters. And the most recommended is bottle top filter set. For most of customers who are producing bulk batches of final products of steroid injectable, vacuum pump filter set,

How to Get the Filtered Oils Into Sterile Vials?
For those who want to start their own business by producing steroids by themselves, this might help.
To produce finished steroid products, the device for getting those filtered oils into vials will be required. There is a very popular device - the dispenser. It will help to get your liters of oil conversions into 10 ml vials. Dispenser will be operated manually.
On the other hand, the peristaltic pump will also work, but it's automatically, your life will be easier with peristaltic pump.

How to Make Stoppers and Vials Sterile?
Sterilization of vials and stoppers:
#1. Clean your vials:
a. Wash with soap and distilled water, rinsing with distilled water;
b. Rinse a second time with an alcohol of your choosing. Isopropyl is also a good choice. Acetone is also acceptable.
#2. Dry and Heat your vials:
a. Place them upside down on a baking sheet that has been properly wiped with an antiseptic;
b. Preheat oven to 350*. Place vials in oven and let set for about 30 mins, allow the vials to cool to room temp and then repeat the process.
#3. Soak stoppers in a hydrogen peroxide solution for a minimum of 10 mins.

Semi-finished Steroids Oils

Semi-finished Steroids Oils

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