Corn Chemical Control Prevents Production and Increases Production

In recent years, there have been lodgings in corn production fields. There are three kinds of corn lodging: stem lodging, root lodging, and stem inversion. According to my analysis, the reasons for the large area of ​​corn lodging are as follows: First, the fertilization is irrational, and the combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is irrational. In particular, excessive nitrogen fertilizer causes plants to grow luxuriantly and can easily cause leggy. The second reason is that the fertilization time is not right, no seedlings are carried out during the jointing stage, and due to over-supply of fertilizing materials, the straw is prolonged and slender. Third, due to the excessive planting density, the field closed. All in all, the phenomenon of corn lodging has caused a great deal of bad weather, such as strong winds and heavy rain, in addition to the above reasons.

The production practices in our country show that the use of chemical control technology not only makes the corn stem tough, the root system is developed, and the lodging resistance is enhanced. At the same time, the leaf color is deepened, the leaves are thickened, the chlorophyll content is increased, the photosynthesis is enhanced, and the plant height is generally increased. Reduce 10-15 cm, reduce the ear position by 10-12 cm, and shorten the internodes to create an ideal high-yield plant with good ventilation and light transmission. It has the effects of drought resistance, disease resistance, resistance to lodging, promotion of reproductive growth, and promotion of large corn kernels, multiple kernels, grain weight and low baldness rate. Increase the density of 200-400 per acre, the increase rate is generally 15% -30%, can truly achieve "high-yield dense plant inside." Some points to note when using corn chemical control agents:

The first is that maize control applies to high-fertilized planted land plots of medium and late-maturing varieties, and low- and medium-yield low-yield fields or lack of seedling replanting three types of seedling land plots and plots that are significantly deficient in biomass due to special effects should not be used.

The second is to strictly control the spraying period and the concentration, and it is absolutely impossible to repeat spraying, and it is even more impossible to spray the whole plant.

Third, it should not be mixed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Machines should be washed with clean water before and after spraying.

Spraying time is the key to control the effectiveness of chemical and chemical control. The time for chemical control is generally six to 13 leaves for corn, which is appropriate, and it is best for 8-13 leaves. However, how do you judge the number of maize leaves in production? I have a small trick, that is, before the 6-leaf stage of corn, when the corn leaves are slender, the leaves are smooth. When the corn expands into the 7-leaf stage, it will become thick and thick, and small white fur will appear on the leaves. This can easily be felt with the back of the hand. This is the best time for spraying chemical control agents.

The principle of spraying chemical control is "the spray height is not low, the spray is not strong, and the black spray is not yellow." For high-fertilizer fields, plots with more base fertilizers or higher corn stalks, the dosage should be increased.

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