Cotton seed attention

Do not select cotton plants with severe pests and diseases. For dry, verticillium wilt cotton plants and cotton plants with poor insect resistance, be sure to eliminate them (in the case of seriously ill cotton plants, you can leave seed).

Do not choose peach before the peach and late autumn peach peach and late autumn peach growth dysplasia, poor maturity, boll weight, seed germination rate is low, growth is weak, should not be used.

Do not use "peach-stained" cottonseeds. Some growers still have a habit of "splitting their mouths and picking wet flowers." Because they are not fully mature, they must not be allowed to leave seeds.

Do not spray ethephon on cottonseed, although it can promote early maturity of cotton by 5 to 7 days, but the damage to cottonseeds is large, resulting in incomplete development and cannot be planted.

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