Cotton spraying ethephon ripening technology

The correct use of ethephon to promote the bolls of bolls can make cotton bolls boil early for 7 to 10 days, increase production by 6.4% to 10.2%, and increase income by 26 to 40 yuan per mu. However, when using it, pay attention to the following points: 1. Efficacy. Ethephon in the market is mainly composed of two kinds of water agents and oil agents. Either one of them must be checked for failure before use. It is advisable that a small amount of the original drug be poured on the concrete floor, and more foaming is proved to be effective. If the liquid produces a precipitate, it can be heated and shaken with warm water of 70-80°C. After the precipitate is dissolved, it does not affect the efficacy. 2, drug nature. Ethephon is acidic and will rapidly decompose and fail in case of alkaline substances. Therefore, etheny is forbidden to mix with alkaline pesticides, and it cannot be diluted with alkaline water such as pit pond water. Ethephon can liberate ethylene gas at a pH value of 3.8 or more. After dilution with water, the pH value will change. Therefore, it must be used along with it, otherwise it will affect the efficacy. 3, choose the land. To select the greedy green, late maturity, late-onset, intercropping cotton fields and summer sowing cotton fields. Cotton fields that are normal for growth and development and have a tendency to premature aging should not be used, otherwise they will inevitably cause premature withering of the cotton, leading to a reduction in yield. Generally, no seedlings are used for seed breeding, otherwise the seed germination rate will be reduced. 4, application time. Ethylene must be decomposed and released in an environment above 20°C to release ethylene, and dry high-temperature weather is beneficial to improve the efficacy. Therefore, generally in the 20 days before the frost, 80% cotton hanging bell 40 ~ 45 days, the highest temperature of 20 °C above the spray. If it rains within 12 hours after spraying, it should be sprayed once. Specific time, Huanghuaihai area around October 5. 5, application concentration. General cotton field 100 ~ 150 grams of raw liquid plus 60 kg of water, dubbed 0.15% to 0.25% of liquid spray. For cotton fields that are heavily greedy green or eager to unload, the concentration may be increased, but it is generally not more than 0.3%. 6, spray method. The late cotton glutinous greens or the cotton field where cotton is sown and sown are sprayed only once and the impact on the upper young bell is too large. That is, in the middle and late September, the cotton bolls in the middle and lower part of the plant, and in the early part of October, the cotton bolls in the lower part of the boll opening, the top boll is sprayed again. Because ethephon is absorbed and transported slowly, it should be sprayed on cotton bolls. Care should be taken to remove bolls that had boiled prior to spraying to avoid contaminating the liquid and reducing the quality of the cotton.

       Poultry medicine

Poultry veterinarians are licensed Animal Health professionals with advanced training in the management of poultry species such as chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

Typical duties for poultry veterinarians include providing basic examinations, observing flock behavior, giving vaccinations, conducting inspections, evaluating meat or eggs, taking samples for analysis, making nutritional recommendations, and devising flock health management procedures.

poultry medicine

Poultry Medicine

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