Crab and shrimp mixed culture technology

The cultivation of squid in the crab and shrimp polyculture pool is a new technology and is now described as follows: 1. The pond condition requires sufficient water, good water quality, smooth access to the drainage system, no infectious disease source, area of ​​10-20 mu, pond silt thickness 10 -20 cm. 2. Clear up and disinfect the ponds to reinforce the dike and build anti-escape facilities. About 15 days before the crabs are generally released, the ponds are exposed to sunburn and disinfected with quicklime or bleached powder to remove wild fish and kill pathogens. 3. Stocking of seedlings: (1) Selection of authentic young crabs of the Yangtze River for stocking of crab species, specifications 100-200 pieces/kg, 500-600 pieces of acre, and raising of a holding area (accounting for 10% of the pool area) in January and February. -20%) Let go after April. (2) Spring seedlings in spring before stocking should be disease-free without injury, specifications 2-3.5 cm, mu 10-20 kg, stocking in January-February, 1.5 cm in later autumn specifications, 40,000 mu , in the middle and early July, stocking. (3) The carp is disease-free and harmless, with a strong physical constitution, 8-10 cm in size and 10-20 mu per mu. The stock is selected for sunny morning at the end of May and early June. 4. Aquaculture management: (1) Water quality management 1-2 days before squid rearing, 10-20 cm of fresh water should be added to keep the water dissolved in oxygen and the transparency is 30-35 cm. When the water quality is too fat, it can be discharged first. Old water, then add new water, need to maintain the quality of water, fertilizer, live, tender and cool. (2) Cultivation of aquatic plants Weeds are cultivated in large pools from April to May. There are plants in the original pond that can be used for self-breeding, and grass-free ponds should adopt the method of transplanting aquatic plants to keep the area covered by water plants up to 30%-50%. (3) feed the end of March to the beginning of April, mu put fresh snails 100-150 kg, let it grow. Feeding generally only feeding crab diet, mainly small fish, wheat, Soybean Meal, corn, supplemented with fruits, vegetables, can also be fed artificial compound feed, the daily amount of 5% of crab weight - 10%. Adhere to the principle of "Four Sets" and "Four Looks". (4) Disease prevention is mainly prevention, and prevention is more important than governance. In May before stocking, carp can be applied once to control ciliates and kill parasites. It is used once every 5-7 days; once every 10-15 days, it is used to improve water quality. . The pH is maintained at 7.5-8.5, the dissolved oxygen is not less than 5 mg/L, and the ammonia and nitroso ammonia in the pool do not exceed 0.5PPM and 0.25PPM. 5. Listed fishing: In May, use cages and shrimp nets to catch spring green shrimps. In October, use artificial and ground cages to catch crabs. After November, clear the ponds and use shrimp nets to catch autumn shrimp. After December, dry the shrimps. Pond fishing carp listed.


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