Crispy fish fillet processing technology

1. Process flow raw material processing → cutting → dipping → washing → frying → seasoning → Lek Tang → seasoning → bag sealing → sterilization cooling → heat preservation inspection → finished product
2, seasoning liquid preparation 1 kg of fennel and cinnamon, pepper 0.4 kg, add water, boil 1 hour, filter and adjust 50 kg; then add 15 kg of sugar, salt 3 kg, 1 kg of MSG, rice wine 7.5 kg mix and Serve.
3. Operation points (1) Raw material processing: After the raw fish is washed with head, viscera and tail, cut into small pieces, dip for 10 minutes with 10 Baume degrees salt water, remove and rinse, and fry until yellow. Hot dip seasoning liquid 30-60 seconds, remove and drain soup.
(2) Packing seal: Degassing and sealing the bag shape, the total thickness of not more than 2 cm.
(3) Sterilization: (10-55-haste water/118°C) 0.14 MPa.
Insulation test: The bag body was placed in a 372°C heat preservation room, and kept in heat for 7 days. The expansion bag was removed and the finished product was stored in the storage.