Crispy garlic production technology

Garlic is delicious, nutritious, and highly medicinal. However, garlic has a short shelf life, easy to germinate, easy to mold, and has a special odor, which directly affects the value of its diet. The crispy garlic flakes are white to creamy porous flakes. The preservation rate of allicin and amino acids is high. There are garlic and honey aromas, no odors and odors, and the effect is good.

Its processing points are: 1 choice of materials - garlic matured, no insects and rotten degeneration phenomenon. 2 split flaps - will accept acceptance of garlic dice flap. 3 Peeling - Pour garlic cloves into a peeled solution made of inorganic solvents and surface active substances, soak at 20-30°C for 3-4 minutes, remove and rinse with water. 4 Slices - Cut the peeled clove flaps with water to about 2mm thick slices. 5 Deodorization - Pour the garlic flakes into a deodorizing solution made of organic acid, β-cyclodextrin and magnesium chloride, etc., soak at 50°C for 3 hours, remove and then rinse with fresh water. 6 Pretreatment - prepare 30% honey liquid in sugar storage jar, add quantitative sodium chloride, citric acid, calcium magnesium salt, licorice extract, cloves and other spices, and add 0.05% sodium benzoate, after mixing The colloid mill processing; then the deodorant garlic pieces into a vacuum impregnated tank, sealed evacuation to 0.09MPa; then open the sugar switch, sprayed into the liquid and maintained for 15 minutes, after inflating 40 minutes. The vacuum treatment is to prevent the browning of the garlic pieces, prevent the deformation of the garlic pieces, and improve the flavor of the garlic pieces. 7 vacuum drying - factors that affect product quality are vacuum, temperature, time, garlic sheet thickness and so on. The higher the vacuum, the crisper the product and the shorter the drying time. 8 Scenting - Spray different flavoring materials on the dried garlic slices with a flavoring machine. 9 grade packaging - garlic slices after cooling, weighing, with a composite plastic film vacuum inflatable packaging.

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