Cucumber autumn and winter fertilizer control measures

Whether autumn or winter or summer, the management of cucumber's fertilizer and water is very important. If improper management of fertilizers and water, it will cause bad phenomena such as rot, roots and leaves yellowing.

Fertilization: The combination of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. After effective soil testing, formula fertilization is performed according to the previous soil conditions and crop requirements to meet crop growth needs. The general rules of crop fertilization are organic fertilizer plus compound fertilizer plus micro-fertilizer plus active beneficial bacteria. Top dressing and base fertilizer complement each other. The fertilizer was mainly composed of multiple compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers, and the combination method of base fertilizer and redox fertilizer was adopted. In this way, the soil layer can be activated, thereby increasing the area of ​​root extension and supplementing the various nutrient elements required by the plant. Appropriate amount of fertilizer. Some vegetable farmers in the fertilization, blindly increase the amount, such as the base fertilizer too much, will cause burning seedlings; if the fertilization amount is too large, easily lead to rot, roots and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the right amount when fertilizing, and after the fertilization, the cultivator must be cultivated in time. Use biological fertilizer on the road. Biofertilizers contain a variety of beneficial bacteria that have the effect of activating the soil, raising the temperature, and regulating soil nutrients. Therefore, appropriate application of biological fertilizer can promote root development and improve cucumber disease resistance.

Watering time: In the fall and winter greenhouses, cucumbers should be selected on a sunny morning, because the water temperature is closer to the ground temperature, the ground temperature is easy to increase, and there is sufficient time for dehumidification in the second half of the day. Therefore, try to avoid watering in the evening and even cloudy days, so as to avoid the occurrence and spread of vegetable diseases.

Watering amount: If the cucumber in the greenhouse is severely deficient in winter, the amount of water must not be too large. In this case, the soil is prone to lack of oxygen and causes the roots to suffocate and rot. The above-ground leaves yellow and even die.

Water temperature: In the autumn and winter, watering cucumbers is the best choice for groundwater. The water temperature should not be lower than 3°C, and the amount of water should be small. On the day of watering, the ground temperature should be restored as soon as possible. At the same time, we must try to get rid of moisture, if the humidity is too high, it can easily cause downy mildew and powdery mildew.

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