Cultivation and management of goldfish broodstock

After the beginning of spring, goldfish began to recover. In order to increase the egg production and quality of goldfish broodstock, it is important to strengthen the broodstock breeding management. Based on my many years of farming experience, I believe that we should focus on the following technical measures. The water quality of the broodstock pool is adjusted. The goldfish is basically bred in the original pool water (abbreviated as “old water”) during the winter, and it is generally not completely changed. Even if the pool water is too thick, some method of removing some of the pool water and injecting some new water is adopted. After the beginning of spring, the method of replacing most of the old water and injecting new water into the original pool should be adopted. But do not need to change the water every day, depending on the changes in water quality. After the convulsion, the temperature of the water rises accordingly as the temperature rises. At this point, you should thoroughly change the water. Change the water every other week. Feeding live bait feeds in time to feed red worms, but the amount should not be too much, generally to ensure that you can finish eating within 2 hours. If you feed too much, it will not only affect the water quality, but also make the broodstock overweight and affect the spawning. The use of drugs as little as possible is the fertilizing period of the goldfish and the development of the eggs in the broodstock. If the amount and frequency of medications are too much, it will affect the spawning of broodstock and even affect the quality and quality of the fry. The best way is to maintain a good water quality environment, feeding high-quality live bait to control the occurrence of fish diseases, so as to ensure the normal development of broodstock. Moss and moss that protects the walls of the pool can function to purify water and photosynthesis to increase dissolved oxygen. It is important that you want a goldfish with a good ecological environment. Therefore, when changing the water, you must not brush the bottom of the pool and the moss that grows on the pool wall. You should leave a part of the moss. If the bottom of the tank is brushed cleanly, the reflection of the bottom of the pool will occur with the irradiation of sunlight, and the goldfish will float on the surface of the water all day without affecting the normal growth. If there are residual baits, it is easy to make the water quality worse, resulting in the death of the goldfish. So remove it in time.


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