Cultivation mushroom "six attention"

Pre-wetting should be sufficient: Straw should be fully soaked to facilitate fermentation. Insufficient soaking straw requires a lot of water when turning. If you can't make up for the water before the second turning, it will be difficult to make up in the future, which will affect the growth of mycelium. Turning the pile should be uniform: When turning the pile, the principle of “put raw material in the middle, put clinker on both sides; put two in the middle and put two in the middle” should be followed. Failure to follow this principle during the turnaround will result in non-uniform fermentation of the culture materials and failure to turn them over. The soil to be harvested must meet the requirements: Some farmers use the untreated garden soil to cover the soil, and some also add insufficiently matured cow dung. Such soil often contains a large number of germs and eggs, which can easily lead to various diseases and cause losses to mushroom farmers. Do not add urea when covering the soil: New farmers habitually equate growing mushrooms with other crops, adding urea when covering the soil, causing excessive ammonia smell and death of mycelium. Do not spray “closed water”: Spraying “closed water” at high temperature during the early stage of mushroom cultivation will cause a high-humidity environment, causing the emergence of mycelium, bacteria and mushroom death, etc.; spraying “closed water” later, then It is easy to degenerate mycelium and premature aging. Timely prevention of disease: Some peasant households, due to the lack of basic knowledge to discern and control pests and diseases, tend to prevent and control diseases and pests when they occur. As a result, they missed the best period of prevention and control and caused a serious reduction in production of mushrooms.

Organic Goji Berries are certified by USDA and BCS.

It will take at least 3 years to obtain the USDA and BCS certifications. During this time, we will cultivate strictly according to the USDA and BCS regulation. To ensure you have the healthy products.

Organic Goji Berries

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