Cultivation Techniques of Medicinal Plant Glycyrrhiza

● Growing habits of licorice, alias sweet grass root, red licorice, grass. For legumes. Root and rhizome medicine. There are detoxification, lungs and cough, spleen Qi and reconcile the role of various drugs. Licorice is mostly grown in the temperate regions of the north, with plains, mountains or river valleys at an elevation of 0-200 meters. The soil is mostly sandy soil. Soil pH is preferably neutral or slightly alkaline. There is an ecological environment with plenty of light and a large temperature difference between day and night. China's northwest, north, and northeast regions are suitable for planting licorice.

●Licorice field management

1. When the seedling spacing is 30 cm, the spacing of the plants can be maintained at 18.5 cm to 20 cm.

2. Irrigation Glycyrrhiza should always keep the soil moist before and after emergence to facilitate seedling and seedling growth. The specific irrigation should be based on the type of soil and the degree of salinity: sand without alkali or slightly saline soil, can be watered after sowing; the soil viscosity or salt is heavy, should be watered before sowing, the key to cultivate licorice The seedlings are preserved, and generally the plants are no longer watered after they grow.

3. Cultivated weeding is generally carried out in the year of emergence, especially in the seedling stage to timely weeding, since the second year since the beginning of the growth of licorice root, weeds are difficult to compete with it, no longer need to cultivator weeding.

4. Apply enough base fertilizer before sowing to apply fertilizer. In the year of sowing, phosphorus fertilizers can be applied in the early spring, and organic fertilizers can be applied before each mu in the winter. Licorice root has root nodules and nitrogen fixation. Generally no nitrogen fertilizer is applied.

5. Diseases and Insect Pests and Their Prevention and Control Prone to powdery mildew and rust in rainy seasons, prone to spider mites in dry season, can be treated with 40% Dimethoate EC 1000-1500 times.

● Harvesting and Processing

The licorice root is deep and must be dig deep. It must not be planed or damaged. After digging, the stems and soil should be removed. Do not wash with water. Fresh main roots and lateral roots should be removed. Remove the reeds, hairs and branches, and dry them until they are dry. , Bundle small, and then dry to dry; can also be excavated in the spring before the excavation of licorice stems and leaves, but the quality of excavation in the fall is better.

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