Cut flower tulip hydroponics experience sharing

Tulips are perennial herbs of the Liliaceae family and are popular with people for their large flowers and colorful colors. China began to introduce experimental cultivation in the 1990s. At present, the domestic water culture experience is mainly:

First, the selection of suitable and disease-free bulbs is the key to hydroponic production of tulip cut flowers. According to the time it takes, choose and determine the cultivation time and planting method. For hydroponic cut flower cultivation, the bulb should be planted in a sterile and watertight dial, so that the rooting temperature is stable at 8 °C, humidity between 60% and 70%, spraying a new high fat film to protect against pests and diseases.

Second, take root for about two weeks to ensure that the root length is more than 3 cm and transport the dial to the greenhouse. The temperature is controlled between 15°C and 20°C, the humidity is between 60% and 70%, and the nutrient solution is added to make the Ec value in the water 1.5ms to 2.0ms. The strong stem is sprayed to make the tulip stem and leaf grow rapidly.

Third, in the early stage of growth, in order to prevent the diseases caused by filamentous fungi, it is possible to spray targeted drugs with new high-fat membranes 2 to 3 times. According to growth conditions, timely spraying of leaf fertilizer, coordination of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, timely spraying flowers Zhuang Ti Ling, so that flower buds strong, petal hypertrophy, beautiful colors, floral rich, prolonged flowering. Change water 2 to 3 times during growth.

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