Dahlia (Figure)

Alias: Dali flower, passionflower, artichoke medicine

Morphological characteristics: Asteraceae Dahlia is a perennial herb. The fleshy roots are hypertrophic, spherical, sweet-potato or spindle-shaped. The sprouts can only germinate in the root and neck. The stems are upright and branched. They are 50-150 cm high. Leaves opposite, pinnately lobed, lobes ovate. Flower head, composed of middle tubular flower and peripheral ray flowers, tubular flower bisexual, mostly yellow, ray unisexual, colorful, with white, yellow, orange, red, purple and other colors, flowering period: Summer 7- August, September-October. Achenes oblong.

Growth habits: native to Mexico. Enjoy a sunny, airy environment. Not cold nor hot. Frosted and withered. Flowering cool climate. Not drought tolerant and stagnant water. Suitable for cultivation with rich humus and well-drained sandy soil

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