Dashui Surface Fishing Technology

Due to the large area and the difficulty in fishing, most fish farmers in the Dashui surface are still fishing on the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival each year. This is a waste of water, and due to the centralized listing of fresh fish, it will affect earnings. To solve this contradiction, the technical personnel of the farms in Jiangsu Nongken Linhai Farm after many years of practice, explored a new technology for large-surface fish breeding. The technique is to use the habit of fish like top water swimming. A fishing pond with a width of 3 meters, a length of 5 meters and a depth of 2.5 meters is built at the water change point of the fish pond, leaving a one meter wide outlet on the side facing the fish pond. The water outlet and the water outlet should be in a straight line. The water outlet is equipped with a groove, and a small gate made of fish nets is inserted. When you need to inject fresh water when fishing, the fish will swim in the top water and enter the fishing pond. A pool can be used for fishing once. 2500-5000 kilograms can also catch large and stay small. Using this technology, no matter how much water is available, it can be harvested in four seasons in a row and evenly listed. This not only speeds up the stocking cycle, but also improves the utilization of fish ponds. Last year, the application of this technology, the arrest of 250,000 kilograms of commercial fish sold more than 1.5 million.

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