Delicious dog meat

"The dog rolls three times and the fairy stands unsteadily." "This winter, dog meat supplement, the next spring to fight the tiger." These sayings vividly illustrate the strong aroma and delicious taste of dog meat, which has high nutritional value and nourishing medicinal value. In particular, the well-processed spiced dog meat, oyster sauce dog meat, canned canned meat, crispy dog ​​leg and roasted milk dog are all food supplements, and they have a long shelf life and are easy to carry. They are popular with consumers. Here are five kinds of dog meat food finishing technology.
1. Spiced Dog Meat (1) Prepared 1 Age and so on of the meat and dog's front and back legs and ridges. After deboning, the lymph nodes and large tendons were cut off and cut into pieces of about 300 g in mass. Soak in water for 1 hour, remove and drain water for use.
(2) Marinate 3% salt of dog meat, add 1% potassium nitrate, mix the raw meat thoroughly with the original salt, and marinate it in a jar. The pickling time varies from season to season, pickling for 36 hours in the winter, taking care to prevent the meat from freezing; it is marinated for 12 hours in the summer and care is taken to prevent corruption. During the salting process, it should be turned 2 or 3 times to facilitate even salting. After the dog is marinated, remove it and put it in clean water. Drain the water.
(3) Precooking Put the dog's meat into boiling water and stir it to boil. Remove the floating foam and let it drain for about 20 minutes.
(4) Braised preparation of raw meat 50kg, pepper 100g, anise 80g, fennel 30g, cinnamon 80g, cloves 40g, grass 40g, 30g of shannais, galangal 50g, tangerine peel 50g, salt 1.5g, soy sauce 1Lg, white wine 1kg . Spices are wrapped in gauze and placed in the lower pot. Put the dog meat into the pot, add salt, soy sauce, white wine, and press it with a bamboo basket. Then add clean water and submerge the noodles. Use a strong fire to boil and remove the floating surface debris. Change to simmer and cook until the meat is soft and cooked, usually 2h ~ 3h. After the pan, spread the meat and let it cool to prevent the meat from sticking together.
(5) After frying the pan slightly, mix the proper amount of white wine and soy sauce and spread it on the surface of the meat. Then put it in a frying pan and fry it. The oil temperature was maintained at 160°C to 170°C, and the meat was tumbling to facilitate uniform preparation. Deep-fried when the meat is yellowish red, it is a finished product. Pay attention to frying with vegetable oil. The amount of dog meat that is put into the oil each time should not be too much, and the fluctuation of oil temperature should not be too great.
2. Marinade dog meat (1) wolfberry processing selection of 1kg or so live quail, decapitation, put in boiling water and remove hot 3min, scrape off the shell and black skirt, remove the four claws of the white washed, Go to the claws and tail, cut the midsection of the abdomen, remove the viscera, rinse it, and use it.
(2) Segmentation of dog meat The slaughtered dog meat carcass is divided into four pieces, namely, head and neck, left shoulder ribs, right shoulder ribs and back seats (hip and hind legs), and then placed in clean water and repeatedly washed and cleaned.
(3) Use stew pot stew in dog stew, usually cook for 8h. Add the cooked dog meat soup (not to be degraded) with fresh water, put the dog meat and quail into the pot, without adding the lid, and boil over the fire. The foam, oil, and impurities in the pan are constantly removed, and the spice package wrapped in gauze is added (the content is almost the same as that used in the production of spiced dog meat). After the pan is simmered for 1 hour, the pot is covered with nitrite (potassium nitrate). 0.02% of the dog meat quality, to further discharge dirt, and make the dog meat look good at the same time salt (based on the quality of dog meat, there are 2% of the old soup, plus 4% of the new soup). After simmering for 1h, cook slowly on low heat. At this time, you must constantly flip the pot of dog meat. 1h after the dog meat until the 78th mature pressure, cover the stew 4h.
(4) remove the bones and let cool and remove the dog meat, pour it on the hot iron clean case, remove the dog bone by hand (do not leave a little bit of bone), and remove the defects such as glutes, lips, lips, etc. at the same time. Dog meat, let the dog cool.
(5) Packing and sealing In the dog's meat, mix sesame oil and appropriate amount of soup, and then quantitatively (generally 250g/bag or 500g/bag) into a custom-made aluminum foil bag, draw the air in the bag and seal it.
(6) High-temperature sterilization The sealed bags were neatly placed in special trays and pushed into the retort to be sterilized at 120°C for 2 hours.
3. Canned dog meat (1) Prepare fresh dog meat, peel it, go for internal organs, wash away the attached dog hair and other sundries, remove the head and feet, remove the leg bones and big bones, dig away the lymph (reserve the spine, ribs) Rows and neck bones, then cut into 4cm square pieces, ready.
(2) Cook and take 100kg of dog meat, 2kg of salt, 5kg of soy sauce, 3kg of cooking wine, 2.5kg of granulated sugar, 3kg of lard, 300g of Chenpi, and 500g of red pepper. First, pour the lard into a ladle pot and heat it. Then put in dried tangerine peel and diced dog meat, stir until the meat surface shrinks, add about 1/3 of the total amount of cooking wine, then add salt, sugar, soy sauce and other ingredients. Stir fry while adding ingredients, and remove when the dog is half-cooked.
(3) 300g soup with green onions, ginger 300g, star anise 100g, pepper 50g, grass 50g, monosodium glutamate 80g, sachet amount, bone soup 70kg. Ginger smashed, star anise, pepper, grass wrapped with gauze, into the Sheng bone soup soup pot boiling 30min, the soup filtered, and finally add sachet and monosodium glutamate and mix well after use. Mix the fried chicken with 30kg of spice water per 100kg of meat. Cover and cook until the meat is cooked. The shrinkage rate is about 30%. Then pour in the remaining 2/3 amount of cooking wine. Stir and mix well. Pan, with stainless steel mesh filter. Place the meat and soup separately. The soup is controlled at 60kg.
(4) The cans are bottled glass bottles and bottles, each bottle containing 540g, including 310g of meat and 230g of soup. Because the can is a boned product, it must pay attention to the mix of solids.
(5) After the exhaust gas is sealed and canned, it will be placed in the exhaust box. When the central temperature in the tank reaches 80°C, it is sealed with the sealer.
(6) Sterilization After cooling and sealing, cans are sterilized in an autoclave. After sterilization, it is cooled in several stages in water.
4. Crispy Dog Legs (1) Select the fresh whole dog's forequarters, cut off the surface gluten, and cut off the claws from the wrist. Puncture some small holes on the surface of the leg with iron brazing or a knife tip, then wash and drain with clean water.
(2) Preserving the front legs of 1 dog, salting with salt 75g, cooking wine 150g, pepper powder 10g, pepper 10g, diced green onion 25g, cumin 10g, aroma powder 1g. Mix the salt and pepper, rub evenly on the surface of the flesh, and rub it repeatedly to make it tasty. Pickle for a moment, then mix the other ingredients together and rub it over the surface of the leg. Put it in a dark place for about 10 hours.
(3) Cooking Steam the dog's meat for 1.5 hours until it is thoroughly cooked, and take it out to cool.
(4) Hang the paste and take the egg liquid and corn starch, mix it in a ratio of 2:1, stir it into a paste, and evenly spread it on the surface of the leg.
(5) Fry the oil in the frying pan, stir it at 200°C, and put the paste of the dog meat. The temperature of the oil is kept at about 200°C, and the surface is yellow when it is fried. After frying, remove the slices and sprinkle a small amount of cumin powder.
5. Baked milk dog (1) Slaughtering and finishing A 4kg or so milk dog with a thin skin and a plump body is selected. Use the heart to kill the bloodletting method and kill it. After bleeding, put it in hot water and scald. Swiftly remove the hair from the dog and rinse it with clean water. From the midline of the abdomen, the muscles of the chest, abdomen and neck were dissected with a knife, and all internal organs were removed. Discard the tongue, tail, and paws. Inside the body cavity, open the spine from the middle of the spine (do not open the skin) and expose the scapula and hip bones. Draw several knives at the inside of the thighs and hips to absorb the flavor when marinating.
(2) Preserved and salted sugar 75g, sugar 150g, dry sauce 50g, sesame paste 25g, fermented bean curd milk 50g, five spices 7.5g, garlic, diced green onion, a small amount of wine. Put five spices into the pan and fry the heat, add salt to mix, then evenly rub on the inside surface of the dog's body cavity and the edges of the limbs. After pickling for 10 minutes, mix the other ingredients and rub on them again. Using a long iron fork to pass the dog from the hind leg to the corner of the mouth, the dog was hung up, and the skin was poured with hot water of about 80°C, while the oil was scraped off. After drying, apply the syrup to the skin and hang it in a dry place.
(3) Grilling uses open-hearth roasting. It uses an iron rectangular oven. It burns the charcoal in the oven and roasts the marinated dairy dog ​​in the oven. Bake the body cavity first, bake for about 20 minutes, and then bake the skin for about 30 minutes until the skin color begins to turn yellow. Use a needle plate to poke holes and brush the oil on the surface of the skin. Into the oven continue to bake, pay attention to the need to rotate from time to time, and at any time on the surface of acupuncture and brushing oil, to the red and yellow leather, uniform flesh, baked out of the finished product.

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