Detailed 10 kinds of kidney and spleen food

1, chestnut:

There is the role of spleen and stomach, Bushen Zhuanggu.

2. Walnut:

Kidney Gujing, warm lung Dingchuan, but also to nourishing Qi, Runzao Runchang.

3, red dates:

Autumn eating dates, is the nourishing yin and moistening, Yifeibuqi Qingbu food, such as can be combined with white fungus, lily, yam foraging, the better.

4, bitter gourd:

The bitter gourd has the effect of clearing away fire, detoxification, eyesight, qi and essence.

5, yam:

Its characteristics are to make up without stagnation, not hot or dry, regardless of the age of men, women and children, sick and disease-free, physically fit and weak, are suitable for consumption.

6, Lily:

There is nourishing lung, lungs, soothe the nerves, eliminate fatigue and run dry cough.

7, white beans:

In the early autumn, use white lentils to cook porridge or decoction to take away heat, heat Shushi, spleen and stomach, and increase appetite.

8, è—•:

Raw oysters can clear away heat and thirst; Cooked wolfberry can boost spleen and appetizers. There is a saying that “summer days should be simmered, chilly and cool, suitable for fresh, raw food should be fresh, and cooked food should be old”.

9, Huang Hao:

Into the autumn diet, not only strong replenishment, there is a certain role in the regulation of human blood sugar, burning wolfberry section, stewed icterus, fried glutinous rice, porridge, etc. can be yellow.

10, peanuts:

After the late autumn, the peanuts mature, and it is not appropriate to fry them with fresh flowers and green kernels.

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