Detailed explanation and classification of gates and hoists

The machinery used to open and close the gate, also known as the gate operating equipment. The gate hoist is related to the normal operation of the hydraulic structure. In addition to meeting the design requirements of general lifting machinery, it is of special significance to be safe and reliable in operation and flexible in operation.

The hoist can be classified according to different characteristics:

1. According to the operating power, it can be divided into manpower, electric power and hydraulic power.

2. According to the power transmission mode, it can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Mechanical transmission is divided into belt drive, chain drive, gear drive and combined drive. Hydraulic transmission can be divided into hydraulic transmission and hydraulic transmission.

3. According to the installation status of the hoist, it can be divided into fixed and mobile. China often names hoists in this classification.

4. According to the connection mode between the gate and the hoist, it can be divided into flexible, rigid and semi-rigid connections.

5. According to the characteristic categories of the gate, it is divided into plane gate hoist, arc gate hoist and herring gate operation machinery. It is also customary to name the operating equipment of the gate with its comprehensive characteristics, such as screw hoist, chain hoist, winch hoist, hydraulic hoist, trolley hoist, door opener Machine and so on.

The parameters of the hoist are: the opening and closing force, the pulling force or the applied pressure of the gate opening or lowering, the opening and closing stroke and the opening and closing speed. When selecting the type of hoist, the following factors are mainly considered: gate form, seal size and operating conditions, number of orifices of the same type gate and number of gates set by the gate, number of lifting ears of the gate, opening and closing force, opening and closing stroke and opening and closing speed , hoist power status, installation location, spatial scale and other operational requirements.

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