Dietary nutrition

At 12 o'clock in the night, the lights in the room are still lit. Before the case is piles of data. The computer screen is lined with data and charts. Everything is stopped quietly. Only those who stay up all night are in full swing. The mechanism was forced to stop...

It's really not a good thing to stay up late, but in order to complete work, to take exams, or to be socially identifiable, modern day and night is almost a helpless normal. When staying up late, it's hard to avoid falling asleep or coming in. The work efficiency is also not good. Miss Yang, a 35-year-old media worker, said: "If you want to stay up late, I'll drink a few cups of coffee and refresh my mind!" I believe most people is also like this.

Refreshing food may not be good: For those who stay up late, the first thing that comes to mind is drinking coffee or drinking tea. Yang Yunxin, dietitian, says that caffeine does make people feel excited. However, St. Luke's Hospital sleeps. The experiments of the Medical Research Center found that caffeine is not effective for improving work efficiency. Even if it is useful, it can only maintain short-term results.

Although caffeine is refreshing, it will relatively consume the vitamin B group related to the coordination of nerves and muscles in the body. People lacking vitamin B group are more likely to be tired and may form a vicious circle, and develop the habit of tea and coffee. More and more, the effect is getting worse. Therefore, when you have to stay up late, you should add more B vitamins, which is more effective.

Stay up all night, some people think that eating sweets can add calories, in fact, sweets are also taboos day and night. Don't eat too much sweets after dinner or during the day and night. Although high-calorie, high-calorie sugar is just starting to make people excited, it will consume vitamin B group, which will lead to counter-effects and easily lead to obesity.

On the whole, the preventive care for staying up all night is still dependent on the daily diet and it is necessary to have a balanced intake of six types of food. However, in order to stay up late, it is absolutely necessary to eat more foods rich in vitamin B during dinner time!

There are many members of the vitamin B group, including folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc. They not only participate in metabolism, provide energy, and protect nerve tissue cells, but also help stabilize nerves and relieve anxiety.

Dark green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich in folate, which helps cells repair, prevent infections and anemia; liver, fish, whole grains, soy foods, fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B6 or niacin, which can be maintained Skin health, slowing down aging; As for vitamin B12 related to memory and attention, it is eaten in red meat, milk, and cheese.

Apart from dietary intake, supplementation of vitamin pills is also feasible. Members of the vitamin B group have their own effects, but they have to coordinate and cooperate with each other. They are group operations in the human body and only eat a single vitamin B6 and B12. Not much, vitamin B group still want to add together.

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