Drinking more dairy products can make you slim

Do dairy products make you slim? Many people think that dairy products tend to make people fat and often reduce the proportion of dairy products in the diet. As everyone knows, if you eat properly, dairy products are also anti-obesity, helping you to control your weight healthily.

A study by Dr. Mike Zemel, director of the School of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee, USA, confirmed that calcium and other components of dairy products, such as whey protein, can help burn excess fat when the total caloric intake is constant, if Increasing the intake of dairy products in your daily diet will greatly help you to lose excess fat, and it will also help you to control your weight healthily.

Dr. Zemel's research shows that if one wants to lose weight by reducing the total caloric intake, incorporating milk or whey protein into the daily diet plan can have a multiplier effect. Dr. Zemel also reminded that if you increase the intake of milk and whey protein without reducing calories, although subjects may not necessarily lose weight, one thing is certain is that their body fat content is indeed It will decrease and become healthier. The trial also showed that the anti-obesity effects of milk derived from calcium only accounted for a small part of the anti-obesity efficacy of dairy products, and the main effect was due to the activity of whey protein in dairy products.

So what is whey protein? Whey protein is a naturally occurring protein in milk that accounts for about 20% of the total milk protein content. In breast milk, this ratio is about 80%. Modern whey protein processing technology makes it more and more widely used in food processing as a high-quality food raw material. Whey protein has a low content of fats and sugars, and is rich in important nutrients that promote rapid muscle synthesis. It plays a very good role in controlling weight, promoting fat utilization, and maintaining muscle health. Studies have shown that ingesting 20 grams of whey protein after weight-bearing exercise can greatly promote the recovery of muscles, help maintain the good state of muscle mass and promote the use of fat, and thus play a role in healthy weight loss and scientific shaping.

As mentioned above, it is not difficult to conclude that we can reasonably increase milk, yogurt and whey protein in the daily diet to help control body weight, and that the essence of nutrients in milk, whey protein, not only contributes to healthy weight loss but also to science Plastic effect. In fact, whey protein has penetrated many foods. Whey protein is not only one of the main raw materials for infant formula, but also can be found in more and more popular foods such as yogurt, energy bars, beverages and other foods. At present, China's whey protein basically relies on imports. Over the past five years, China has increased its quality of whey protein from the United States, which has advanced whey protein processing technology, by nearly 7 times. This reflects the Chinese consumer from the side. The awareness of pursuing a healthy lifestyle is constantly increasing.

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