Early Spring Watermelon and Autumn Delayed Pepper Rotation Cultivation

The use of greenhouses covered with three membranes in early spring cultivation of watermelon and late autumn pepper rotation cultivation model, 667 square meters more than 3,500 kilograms of watermelon production, income of 6000 to 8,000 yuan; production of 2,500 kilograms of pepper, income of 4,000 yuan. This kind of melon and vegetable rotation mode has less investment and high efficiency. It has been widely accepted by farmers and has been widely promoted in Linyi County, Shandong Province in recent years. The main points of its production technology are as follows:

In the rotation mode, a large shed is covered with a small arch shed, and a small shed is covered with a mulch to cultivate early spring watermelon. The seedlings were transplanted and planted before the year before and transplanted after the year. In July and August, after the watermelons were pulled, it was used as a delayed cultivation of peppers.

The mouthwash arrangement 1 early spring watermelon: early nursery, planting in late February, harvesting the first watermelon in late April, after the second in late June watermelon market. 2 Late autumn chili: In early July, the peppers will be raised in the middle and early October, and the peppers will be planted in the middle and late August. The peppers will be marketed at the end of September and early October.

Variety Selection 1 Early Spring Watermelon: Choose a watermelon variety with early maturity, high yield, cold resistance, good quality, and good product shape, such as Jingxin No. 2 and Jingxin No. 3. Rootstocks are grown on a gourd or Jingxin anvil, grafted. 2 autumn delay pepper: select high-quality, high-yield, disease-resistant, heat-resistant large fruit varieties, Yujiao No. 4, Luojia No. 3 and other varieties. Also can choose large pepper varieties Wei Shi No. 1 and line pepper pepper 301

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