Eating celery can make men contraceptive

From a biological point of view, contraception by women is illogical. If women's contraception is only to block one egg that is discharged in a month, then the man who manufactures thousands of sperm every day is more likely to become pregnant. It also needs deterrence. And in terms of the current social structure, the contraceptive effect of a man is probably not just a couple of contraceptives.

Contraceptive use of drugs, women's contraceptives are easy to think and easy to do, at present, as long as the change of female drug Mongolian secretion cycle, to prevent ovulation, you can achieve the effect of contraception. However, to kill hundreds of millions of sperm in men without side effects, and to restore fertility after drug withdrawal, it seems that it is difficult to achieve the ideal drug, but there have been many scientists who have not given up on this direction since ancient times.

Eating celery can make men contraceptive?

Prescriptions from food experience to contraception in ancient medicine are also sources of inspiration for modern contraceptives. For example, the Indians of the Americas first used comfrey for contraception, and later developed a mixture of lithospermic acid containing at least three substances that can inhibit the activity of gonadotrophic hormones and the development of sexual organs in mice. In another example, when wild male peas were used to feed male and female rats, there were no offspring. After refining, they found that the intermediate dimethylhydroquine was given to women on the sixteenth and twenty-first days of the menstrual cycle, three to three times each. One hundred and fifty milligrams, pregnancies were reduced by five to sixty percent; males decreased sperm count by fifty percent.

In addition, there are many biologically active plants with contraceptive effects. The effective ingredients are not yet clear. Like wild banana seed extract, experiments have shown that mice, mice and rabbits have anti-gonadotropic and gonadotropic effects. China's folk food rapeseed, solanaceous plants, purple eggplant flowers, persimmons are used for contraception from the baked and dried seeds of the persimmon. Other Chinese medicines such as Angelica, Angelica, Chuanxiong and other habitats are also used for contraception.

A decade-long study by Phageli, a female Physician from Thailand's Shili Hospital, found that celery, which is often eaten without harm, can reduce the number of male sperm. She tested 18 to 20-year-old men with good health and fertility. Each day, they let them eat raw or cooked celery 75g (about two or three strains) for a week or two. It is reduced to a level that is difficult to conceive, and this condition will return to normal after 16 weeks of stopping the food. However, this study lacks more sophisticated control experiments.

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