Eating spinach is really long muscles

Professor Ilya Ruskin of Rutgers University in New Jersey led the study. The researchers extracted a variety of phytosterols from spinach and conducted tests. The results showed that after the human muscle sample was injected with the substance, the growth rate was 20% faster; after one month of continuous injection, the rats' physical strength was also enhanced. The researchers pointed out that this substance in spinach helps to increase the speed of protein conversion into muscle in the body, thereby improving muscle quality. But if you want to see a significant effect, you need to eat 1 kilogram of spinach every day.

The researchers said that spinach is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins and other nutrients, eating spinach can play a very good role in the growth of the body. "So the children want to be as strong as Popeye. It's good to eat more spinach."

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