Effects of Feed Nutrition on Fertility of Broiler Breeders

Nowadays, there is a serious problem in the breeding management of major breeder farms that the fertility rate is obviously low. In order to obtain a relatively high fertility rate, the author believes that the following two points should be made, especially with the peers:

1. If the weekly weight gain is not ideal before and after the mixed group, the early and late fertilization rates will be seriously affected. At 25 weeks, the cock feed is about 135 grams, and the egg production period should be increased by one gram per week, and a good weekly weight gain is maintained by the cock.

2. The management principles and management procedures before and after the egg production peak are basically the same for the rooster, and the weight and body condition of the rooster are controlled by adjusting the feed amount. After the egg laying period, especially 30 weeks, the weekly weight gain of the rooster should be kept at 30 grams (handbook). The standard is about 15-20 grams) to maintain a high fertility rate. Therefore, during the period of egg production, the feeding amount of the rooster should be gradually increased as the age increases, usually 130-160 grams. It is recommended that after 30 weeks, add 1 gram of feed per week.

There is now a serious and problem-solving problem in many breeder farms: the breeder is seriously overweight, but at the same time he is suffering from undernutrition. The specific performance is: the cock is listless, the feather falls off, the pectoral muscles are touched, the mating behavior is reduced, the call is reduced or stopped, and the color of the anus becomes pale and dry. But at the same time, it shows that the weight is too heavy; this makes technical management personnel difficult, overfeeding, overfeeding, and not fertilizing. This is why people often say “Obesity is not equal to health”, which will cause some managers to continue for several weeks. Add one gram of material. Reasons for the above problems:

First, the question of feed quality

At present, some feed manufacturers have about 15% crude protein in the cock feed, while the broiler breeder cock nutrition standard requires about 12% crude protein; this allows our broiler breeder managers to add a small amount of feed during the feeding of broiler breeders. The roosters are overweight and overweight. When managers find that the roosters are overweight, they do not dare to increase the amount, but at the same time, the nutrition of the roosters is obviously not enough. For this situation, the following measures should be taken: change the feed formulation, use an amino acid content that is higher than the nutritional standard, but the crude protein is about 12% of the cock feed, so that the meat breeder cock is not overweight but can be adequately nutritious; or weekly All can be adjusted to have a balanced growth and development; if the meat breeders are severely overweight, what should be done? If the cock is sufficient, the overweight cock will be eliminated and the other cocks will be fed normally; let each chicken have one weight gain, not the average weight gain; if the cock is not enough, only the entire group will be weighed once and the average weight will be calculated. It still has about 20 grams of weight gain per week and adjusts the crude protein content of the cock. This kind of performance is often said to lead to over-nutrition leading to overweight, managers do not dare to feed and cause a serious shortage of nutrients.

In addition, the cock was overweight and the hen refused to mate.

Second, management issues

Due to management problems, artificially caused male and female hens can not be mated, performance: cock and hen "separation", cock is not on the shelf, the hen does not move to the ground. The reason is that the cock was prematurely matured before the peak of the egg production, and the cock was lustful, causing a small number of mature hens to dare to go to the ground. Management suggestions: The ratio of males and females is 6:100 after mixed breeding; as egg production rate increases, it is gradually added to large groups, and the ratio of males and females should reach about 9:100 after the peak is reached; another reason is the shenan shed. The oversized, overweight cock was too inconvenient to go up and down. It is recommended that the height of the scaffold be about 30 cm.

Third, male and female chickens have problems with fat

Male and female hens can cause a decrease in sperm motility. The reason is that sperm is particularly sensitive to high temperatures, which means that sperm can not survive in the high temperature conditions; if the male and female chicken is too fat, the abdominal fat deposition is too much, is not conducive to abdominal heat, it will cause intra-abdominal high temperature. There are several phenomena: At the same time, the fertilization rate of breeders in winter is obviously higher than that of summer fertilization rate by about two percentage points; Young chickens are more resistant to heat stress than breeder breeders.

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