Efficient chicken "interval feeding method"

High-efficient chicken feeding method is to divide the total amount of feed fed all day, so as to stimulate the appetite of the chickens, speed up the feeding speed, reduce the feed wave praise, and cultivate the law of feeding to achieve better growth. The purpose of development.

The mid-term to limited-feed stage of broiler breeder adopts interval feeding method. The time of feeding is relatively concentrated, which can reduce feed waste. The method is to feed some feeds more properly for the first time, and can feed chickens for more than 1 hour. After a temporary stop, allow the chicken to drink or move freely to make it a short-lived hungry process. In this way, each time after feeding, the chicken will actively feed, and speed up the feed intake, reducing the feed waste caused by food selection.

Commodity Broiler Commodity broiler emphasizes feed intake and feed ratio, so the first week of free intake, the second week began to change their eating habits through human management. Under natural light conditions, turn off the light for 2-3 hours to allow the chicken to rest after dark, then turn on the light to allow it to feed; turn off the light for 2 to 3 hours before dawn; turn on the light at dawn and turn off the light for 2 to 3 hours at noon. After the formation of the law, the chickens will have an intake peak before turning off the lights and turning on the lights. This will not only accelerate the speed of feed intake, increase feed intake, but also reduce feed wastage, and enable the birds to grow better.

The operation method of midday light-reducing stage of laying hens is basically the same as that of commercial broilers. After the light period of the breeding period is fixed, it can be stopped for 2-3 hours at noon; let the chickens have a process of rest and hunger; laying period The chicken can't stop the light, but the chicken will have 3 peaks of feed intake after 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon and 2-3 hours before dark. For this reason, chicken farmers can follow their natural laws to feed 3 times, which can speed up the chicken's feed intake and increase feed intake.

The problematic intermittent feeding method will exacerbate the phenomenon of chicken snatching. Therefore, adequate feeding positions should be provided, sufficient drinking water should be provided, and water should be supplied for half an hour before being fed (especially during the first feeding of the day). To prevent chicken from hunger and speed up the intake of food resulting in binge eating. Chickens should be allowed to eat freely in case of major problems (eg, deafness, immunity, etc.) and illness.

Feeding chickens using the interval feeding method should have a good grasp of the feed intake of chickens. One feed should not be too much, which can avoid nutrient deficiency and avoid feed pollution and mildew due to moisture absorption.

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