Eggplant food processing technology

The eggplant stem will be ripe, pest-free eggplant stalks, cut into thin slices, put it in boiling water and roll it, immediately remove and dry, placed in the sun exposure, flip once every 2-3 hours, night to retrieve indoor, continuous After 2-3 days of drying, it can be packed or loaded into a cylinder for storage.
Soy sauce soy sauce slices marinated salted eggplant cut into thin slices, soaked in clean water for 1 day, and change the water 3-4 times, remove the drying for half a day, and then add 2.5 kg of ginger silk into 100 kg of eggplant slices, add soy sauce Soak in the medium and turn it once a day for 10 days.
The garlic eggplant strips the marinated sour sauce pieces to take out until most of the day, cut into thin strips, blanch in boiling water for 1-3 minutes, and soak in cold water for 4-6 hours, and then pick up. Wash garlic, fresh ginger, respectively, cut into pieces, according to 100 kg of eggplant, garlic 3.5 kg, 1.5 kg of ginger, mix well cylinder, add soy sauce submerged, flip once a day, 4-5 days after the color Crimson, garlic rich finished product.
Sweet and sour eggplants Wash fresh aubergines with moderate tenderness and stalks, dry them, cut them in half, and put them in a jar. Put a layer of sugar on a layer of eggplant in proportion to 100 kilograms of eggplant with 10 kilograms of sugar till it is full. After that, sprinkle the high-quality edible vinegar (100 kg of eggplant and 10 kg of vinegar) on the eggplant and press the appropriate amount of weight on it. Turn it over once every 2-3 days, turn it 3-4 times successively, and put the pickle on it. Cool and ventilated place, edible after 15 days.
The flavored eggplant cuts the fresh eggplant with moderate tenderness into thin strips, blanches in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, collects and drains, and exposes to the dry filaments in the sun. According to the ratio of 100 kilograms of eggplant plus 50 kilograms of sugar, put the sugar into the aluminum pan first, add the appropriate amount of boiling water, dip it into sugar juice, then pour into the dried kale and the right amount of chili powder and pepper, and stir continuously. Generally cook for 15-20 minutes, see the juice can play silk, put the pot into the cooked rice flour rolling, spread out and let cool, that is unique flavor of the eggplant convenient small food, after weighing the sealed package can be.
Multi-flavored eggplants Fresh aubergines are crushed, washed and cut into slices. According to the ratio of 16 kilograms of salt for 100 kilograms of sour sauce tablets, 1 slice of soda tablets in the jar is filled with salt, and then the sourdough tablets are submerged with brine of 16% concentration, covered with heavy objects, every 2-3 times. Turn over the cylinder once a day and marinate it in about 20 days. Then take out and put it in clean water and soak for 6 hours, during which time change the water 3-4 times, and then pick up and dry. Take dried soba tablets 100 kilograms, chili powder 1.2 kilograms, pepper powder 1 kilogram, white sugar 8 kilograms, monosodium glutamate 200 grams, mix well, soak in soy sauce for 1 week, that is, salty with spicy, spicy pan-sweet A taste of soy sauce.

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Bulking Cycle Steroids

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