Eight points of attention when using electric agricultural machinery

1. When moving electric agricultural implements, the power must be turned off beforehand. Do not move with electricity.

2. The metal casing of electric agricultural implements must have a reliable grounding device or temporary grounding device to avoid electric shock accidents.

3. The power supply line of electric agricultural machinery must be installed in accordance with the rules of electricity consumption.

4. If the electric agricultural machinery fails, it needs to be powered off and repaired, and it cannot be charged.

5. For agricultural implements using single-phase motors, a low-voltage electric shock protector should be installed and kept sensitive and reliable.

6. For long-term unused or damp agricultural implements, test operation should be carried out before putting into normal operation. If it does not work after power-on, it must be powered off immediately.

7. Agricultural machinery operators must strengthen their awareness of safety and strictly enforce operating procedures. In operation, wear insulated shoes, do not rub the electrical equipment with your hands and a damp cloth, and do not hang clothes on the wires.

8. In the event of an electrical fire, immediately pull the brakes. Do not splash water or fire before the power is turned off to prevent power transmission and leakage. If someone gets an electric shock, cut off the power immediately and save the person. (Linglan)

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