European earthworm breeding technology

Jimei University Aquatic College Xu Xiaojin (I) Aquaculture management The most critical aspect of European eel farming is water quality management, which places high demands on the environment. Therefore, earthen pond farming in Europe, water quality management is a crucial part. The water color is required to be light green, and the transparency is preferably 30-50 cm. Two aerators are installed in each pool and placed diagonally. It is necessary to start the machine on a regular basis. Usually, the machine is turned on at night and replaced with water or turned on at noon during the day. 1 hour before feeding or after starting the drug, do not start immediately after feeding. At the same time, if the water is really aging, it is necessary to add new water in a timely manner. It is best to change the amount of water to release the bottom water. A small number of aquatic plants such as Eichhornia crassipes can also be grown. In addition, 30-50ppm photosynthetic bacteria are regularly splashed on Quanchipia to keep the beneficial flora in the water within a certain concentration range and prevent water from changing. It is also possible to adopt appropriate measures for herring, grass carp, carp, and squid to feed on the residual baits and plankton in the water. Irregularly spreading coarse salt near the table and perchage has a good effect on killing surface parasites of salmon. If the quality of water in the Dianchi Lake deteriorates, and the growth of the carp is seriously affected, the method of changing the pool and breeding can be adopted to completely improve the living environment of the carp.
(b) Most of the feeding of feeds currently uses Japanese pickles, and feeds should be made softer. It is advisable to add 1%-2% of high-quality fish oil and multivitamins to meet the European demand for highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It is also possible to add immunostimulants to the feed from time to time to increase its resistance to diseases. force. The daily feeding amount should be controlled within 1%-3% of the total weight of the carp. The feed rate is: squid 10 fish/kg, daily feed consumption is about 2% of its body weight; squid 20 fish/kg, daily feed consumption accounts for about 2.5% of its body weight; group fish is 20-50 fish/yuck, daily The amount of word cast accounts for 25%-35% of its weight. Generally selected after a certain brand in Japan. Do not easily replace it, this will help the gastrointestinal absorption of carp. Usually two times a day feeding, 7:00 am, 5:00 pm, the ratio is 4:6, feeding control of carp feed every day in about half an hour. Feeding should strictly abide by the "Four Sets" principle. In the water temperature of 29-30 °C to properly control the amount of feeding, the water temperature of 30-31 °C when fed a meal, water temperature higher than 3l °C can be stopped.
(III) Disease Prevention Due to the complicated land environment and large water body, once the disease is difficult to treat, the cost of medication is high. Therefore, we must adhere to the principle of prevention and prevention. In particular, we must pay attention to ecological farming and strive to improve the water environment and enhance the body's constitution. Regular inspection of water quality, regular observation of the carcass with a microscope, early detection of disease treatment, regular use of pesticides, disinfectant drugs and bait added garlic juice, a variety of vitamins and other growth-promoting agents and herbal medicine.
(D) Fishing is generally conducted after 8-12 months, and more than 50% of the earthworms have reached the market specifications and can be caught. Land culture and fishing are not easy. Usually, they are caught by the net, and the net is well captured by the first and the net. It can capture 50%-80%. The rest was caught in the mud by surprise and needed to be captured on the dry ground, ie by hand or by electric capture.

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        Given the uniqueness of Goji Juice, the production of Goji juice concentrate still has to take into account two problems, one is the maximal concentration, the greater the concentration is, the smallest the product is and the more convenient it will be for storage and long-distance transportation. The other is the existence of abundant pulp and pectin, which easily make the concentrate something like a half-solid paste and bring inconvenience to storage and filling. As a result, in practice, it is very important to determine the maximal concentration.After numerous tests, we have found that 2.8:1or 3:1 would be very suitable. Therefore, based on requirements of clients, the range of concentration was finally fixed at 35%~45%.

        Goji berry juice concentrate (brix 36%)


1) Color: Red or deep red. 
2) Taste & Odor: Fresh Goji Berry juice concentrate taste and smell, no peculiar smell. 
3) Histomorphology: Turbid liquid with pulp, allowing the pulp precipitation phenomenon after completely standing. 
4) Impurity: No visible foreign impurities 

Physics & Chemical Specification

1) Brix(%): ≥36.0 
2) Total Acid(g/100mLas Citric Acid):  â‰¥0.8 
3) pH: 3.5-4.5 

Microorganism  Specification
1) TPC (CFU/mL): ≤100 
2) Yeast (CFU/mL): ≤100 
3) Mould (CFU/mL): ≤10  
4) Coliform (CFU/mL): ≤10 



Country of Origin



1) Inner package is 200kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.
2) Inner package is 25kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.


Should be stored at room temperature in clean, cool, dry warehouse, prevent sun, rain, and not be stored with corrosive, toxic, and smelly item. With these conditions, product shelf life is 18 months. (suggestion: 5-8℃).  

Goji Juice Concentrate (Brix 36%)

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