Experts Say Localization of Endoscopic Equipment Helps Reduce Medical Costs

Business Club News, April 11 Recently, the establishment of the Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Professional Committee of the Department of Urology, Expert Committee on Endoscopic Clinical Quality Evaluation of the Department of Medical Affairs of the Ministry of Health was held in Beijing. The relevant leaders of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Health attended the conference. Professor Zhang Yangde, chairman of the Endoscopic Clinical Quality Evaluation Expert Committee of the Medical Management Division of the Ministry of Health, congratulated the establishment of the expert committee and gave a speech on the status quo of the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment industry in China.

Prof. Zhang Yangde said in an interview that the Ministry of Health approved the endoscopic industry to create a minimally invasive endoscopic national professional committee, aiming to use the world endoscopic physicians' scientific and technological alliance to actively promote the localization of one hundred billion endoscopic equipment, control the source, and reduce medical costs. In order to solve the people's expensive problem.

Prof. Yangde Zhang emphasized the establishment and improvement of a uniform and standardized training and assessment mechanism for endoscopic physicians. The basic theoretical studies and operational training for endoscopic physicians, especially endoscopic surgeons, should be standardized and practiced. Integration with the international endoscope physician management system and strict implementation of industry management standards will help promote the orderly and healthy development of the Chinese endoscope and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment business.

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