Extended tomato results three methods

After harvesting the first generation of tomatoes, the following three methods can be taken to make the tomatoes re-flowering results and improve economic efficiency. 1. Pressing method: After the first-generation tomatoes are ripened and harvested, the yellow branches of the leaves are cut off, and the new branches with the ability of exuberant freshmen are retained. A fertilization ditch with a length of 20 cm and a depth of 15 cm is dug and fertilized on the main side. After fertilization, the main trunk is buried in the ditch and watered so that the vines will soon take root. In this way, the new roots and old roots jointly absorb water and fertilizer, and the plant type grows quickly, and the tomato can again bloom. 2, cut the law: the first generation of tomatoes after harvest, cut away the dead old leaves, and then split the roots of fertilizer and watering, can promote new branches, rapid growth, re-flowering results. 3. Transplanting method: The roots of tomatoes are prone to long secondary roots, and they can produce more branch shoots near the ground. After transplanting these branches, the growth results are fast, generally 7-10 days. If the ground is dry, you can water the soil around the trunk. When there is a small amount of white spots at the roots of the branches, they can be transplanted to survive, and they can flower quickly.

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