Failure Analysis of Heating Part of Constant Temperature Oil Bath During Use

The following are common faults in the heating part of the constant temperature oil bath and super constant temperature oil bath:
◎ Temperature setting, normal temperature measurement but no heating. First, judge from the screen display, first turn on the power, adjust the set temperature to more than 20 °C above the design temperature, and then observe whether the heating indicator is on. If it is bright, it indicates that the heating tube is broken or the relay contact is in use for a long time. The middle contact is ablated, causing it to be unable to be connected, so it cannot be heated, it needs to be replaced, and it can also be checked by a multimeter. The inspection method is to turn off the power supply, and use a multimeter resistance file (10 ohms) to determine whether the resistance is small (oil bath heating tube) The resistance is generally <100 ohms. If the resistance is large, the heating tube must be broken, the resistance is normal, and the relay is mostly damaged.

◎The temperature setting and temperature measurement are normal, but the heating is continued when the temperature reaches the set temperature. (For the first-time oil bath, due to the microcomputer PID control method, there will be over-temperature phenomenon, but the over-temperature will generally not exceed 10 °C. The first use needs to be self-tuned and the effect is better.) Observe whether the heating indicator light goes out after reaching the set temperature. If it is off, it means the temperature controller is normal, just replace the relay. If the heating indicator is always on, then the temperature is warm. The controller is broken and needs to be replaced.

â—Ž After using for a period of time, it is found that the temperature cannot be increased. Most of the heating tube resistance is increased or the connection line with the heating tube is rusted, resulting in a large contact resistance. The former needs to replace the heating tube, and the latter will cut off the connection line and heat it at the same time. The rust part of the pipe joint is cleaned and reconnected. The two methods can be judged by visual inspection.

â—Ž After the temperature is set, the temperature measurement display decreases, but the actual temperature is in the heating state. (K sensor is applicable, the PT100 sensor will not have this phenomenon.) This phenomenon occurs in the replacement of new sensors, and only needs to change the positive and negative electrodes of the sensor. Just fine.

â—Ž On-screen display shows 000 or 999, etc., the sensor is open or shorted, and can be replaced.

â—ŽThere is no power supply in the whole machine. Check whether the power socket has power, whether the fuse is intact, and whether the power switch has fault. This fault is mostly caused by the power switch.

â—ŽThe power indicator light is on, but the temperature controller has no screen display. Check whether the output of the LM7805 on the temperature controller is normal. Generally, such faults are mostly caused by the transformer on the temperature controller or the LM7805 in the process of using the solder (LM7805 belongs to Heating element)

â—ŽSuper constant temperature oil bath has a circulation function. If it is found that the circulation pump does not turn, this phenomenon is mostly no capacity of the capacitor, and it can be replaced. (Judgement method: turn on the power switch, turn on the circulating pump power supply, and turn the motor shaft by hand. If it turns, it means that the capacitor is bad. If it does not turn, the motor is faulty.

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