Fall farmhouse fattening method

The autumn weather is hot and rain is a good time to build farmyard fertilizers. During this season, weeds thrive, and human excrement and livestock excrement at home are seldom used. It can be said that the source is wide and convenient. It is a good season for science to control farmyard fertilizers. First, digging pits: After selecting the venue, dig a pit that is 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and 0.5 meters deep to compact the bottom of the pit to prevent leakage and lose fertilizer efficiency. The size of the pit is digged as needed. Second, preparation: The green turf, wormwood, rotten vegetable leaves, corrupt leaves, black soil, human and animal urine, garbage soil, etc. shipped to the pit to be used. Third, the system: the grass, soil, feces each one-third of the proportion, mixed evenly, placed in the pit; can also be a layer of soil, a layer of manure, layered into the pit, and then pouring enough water can. Note that the top layer of the pit should be black soil, it is best to cover a little thick to prevent the volatilization of fertility. Fourth, fall heap: Generally in the hot season, 15-20 days, manure has been cooked, can be applied. Before application, it should be poured once again to make it uniform from top to bottom and consistent in fertilizer effect. If you can't use it or prepare to use it in the coming year, plunge it one or two times before you use it. Seal the top with corn leaves, etc., and seal the part that is ready for wintering. China Agricultural Network Editor