Family spring flowers notes

1. Spring flower growth is strong? Water evaporation is large? Consume much? Therefore, water and fertilizer should keep up. When basin soil is cracked, it must be watered in time; fertilize once a week or a half month; loose soil before watering and fertilizing.

2. After the winter, the dead leaves must be trimmed in time. For some liana flowers, the pillars should be promptly added and bundled so that the branches and leaves can be evenly distributed and light and ventilated.

3. Evergreen flowers are most likely to survive before the leaf is changed? To choose a cloudy day or basin.

4. Insect pests should be extinguished in time, especially when locusts occur.

5. Spring is a good time for flower propagation. Flowers that bloom in summer and autumn should be sown in time. Bulb flowers should be planted in time. Perennial flowers should be cut.