Farmland careful application of fertilizer

"Bacterial fertilizer" is a non-environmental pollution-free new-type compound biological fertilizer that is obtained from the natural nitrogen-fixing active strains and has been scientifically formulated and combined. The following points should be taken into account when applying the fungus in farmland: Local conditions should be applied to high-sulfur soils and rust paddy fields. Biological bacterial fertilizers should not be used because sulfur can kill biological bacteria. For flooded paddy fields, no bacterial fertilizer is generally applied, and the spray method is more effective. For the farmland under high temperature, low temperature and drought conditions, it is not appropriate to apply the fertilizer. The optimum temperature for the application of bacterial fertilizer is 25-37°C. Below 5°C or higher than 45°C, the application effect is poor. When the soil moisture content is between 60-70%, the bacterial fertilizer has good fertilizer effect. Due to the mixture should not be mixed with fungicides, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and sulfur-containing fertilizers (such as potassium sulfate, etc.), and straw ash, etc., because these drugs, fertilizers can easily kill bacteria. If you must use the above drugs and fertilizers, you can first apply bacterial fertilizer, after 48 hours, then weeding. When the fungus fertilizer is used for seed dressing, the seeds mixed with the fungus fertilizer should not be mixed with the seeds that have been mixed with the fungicide. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the mixing of bacterial fertilizers with uncontaminated farmyard fertilizers. Due to quantity adjustment, fertilizers and organic fertilizers cannot be significantly reduced when biological fertilizers are applied to fields where fertilizers are used for many years. Because crops are dependent on chemical fertilizers, replacing them with biological bacterial fertilizers, crops cannot adapt at one go. The replacement amount of the fungicide should replace the 30%, 40% and 60% of the nitrogen fertilizer in the first, second and third year respectively. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can only make up and cannot be reduced. The time-acceptable biofungus fertilizer is not a fast-acting fertilizer, and it is best applied at the nutrition critical period of the crop and the 7-10 days before the nutrient absorption period. Julie

The main ingredient of Tetanus Antitoxin is that horse tetanus immunboglobulin following pepsin digestion. It's used for the prophylaxsis and therapy of tetanus.

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