Fast diaphragm filter press will change the overall level of our filter press

KM type quick diaphragm filter press (which is different from ordinary car body / plate frame filter press) has been successfully developed by Beijing Zhongshui Long Solid Liquid Separation Technology Co., Ltd. This filter press equipment has completely independent intellectual property rights in China. . The whole machine is designed independently from China. And also by the experts of all praise. Experts from all walks of life agreed that the overall technology of the equipment has reached the international advanced level, and some key technologies are at the international advanced level. This set of filter press equipment is a great advance in the history of China's filter presses , creating a precedent for solid-liquid separation.

Km type fast diaphragm filter press is also used in coal, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, paper, pharmaceutical, food and environmental sewage treatment industries. It is also a kind of filter medium to separate discrete insoluble solid particles from liquid. Pressure filtration equipment coming out.

The biggest innovation of this diaphragm filter press is the use of the three-port feeding method of the head, middle and tail, which completely changes the single way of feeding the common end, the feeding speed is faster, the cloth is even, and the cake effect is achieved. better. The equipment has developed the master-slave multi-cylinder synchronous pressing and control technology, and the filter plate is evenly and forcefully applied, and the edge sealing property is good. The technology of quick unloading is realized by hydraulic drive, group opening and closing, ring chain pulling open filter plate set and filter cloth staggering unloading mechanism. And the secondary diaphragm press dewatering process is adopted, the filter cake has low moisture; the filtrate flow detecting device is developed to ensure the filling of the filter chamber is good, and the automatic control of the whole process of the filter press system is realized. Laughing under certain conditions, washing water can also achieve closed loop.

This km rapid diaphragm filter press is the representative of the new generation of filter presses in China's "10th Five-Year" scientific and technological project, and is the crystallization of Chinese science and technology. It uses more than 10 patented technologies. I believe that in the near future: KM rapid diaphragm filter press will be used in large quantities over time, which will change the situation that China's high-end filter presses are monopolized by foreign products.

Cheeck retractor is used to Expand Mouth to keep mouth open during bleaching or other dental treatment and hand available for oral inspection and treatment.It can help your open your mouth wider to avoid the stimulating drugs access on your lips

1) Apply appropriate moisturizers to the oral tissues to be retracted.
2) While wearing non-allergenic gloves, gently retract one corner of the mouth away from the teeth and insert    
    the lateral edge of the retractor into the mouth.
3)Roll your finger under the upper lip to retract it, and place the upper lip-cradling section of the retractor            
    under the retracted upper lip, being careful to protect any mucosal frena that may be present.
4)Continue the retraction of the opposite mouth corner and insert the unit under the retracted tissue.
5)Roll your finger under the lower lip and ensure that the lower lip is sitting securely in the lower lip-cradling        
    section of the unit.
6)To protect the tissues from damage and ensure retraction during the operative procedure, recheck the unit    
    to confirm that the upper and lower lips are securely sitting in the upper and lower cradles, and that the          
    mouth corners are securely retracted by the unit without movement.
7)After use, gently and carefully withdraw the unit from the mouth by reversing the insertion procedure, taking    
    care not to crack the patient`s possibly dry lips. Check the oral tissues for any signs of damage from the          
     procedure and take any required corrective measures.

1)Strong one-piece construction.
2)Provides complete view for anterior and posterior teeth.
3)Satisfaction Guaranteed
4)2. Keep your lips from any stimulating.
5)Made from food grade material
6)It can be sterilized at high temperature
7)Kinds of size, color, quantity are avalible.

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