Feed detoxification is effective for livestock and poultry

(I) Maize alkalized disinfection method Maize is susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. There are two methods to eliminate Aspergillus flavus: First, use lime water to detoxify, that is, 100 kg of corn is poured into 100 kg of 1% lime water clarified liquid, and after about 10 hours, remove and rinse with clean water; Detoxify with sodium bicarbonate solution by immersing 100 kg of corn in 200 kg of 1% sodium bicarbonate solution. After 10 hours, remove and rinse with fresh water.
(B) Wheat Brine Fermentation Method Each 100 kg of wheat contaminated with Gibberella is added with 2 kg of salt, mixed with water, moistened and poured into a cylinder, covered with straw, and after 72 hours of fermentation, the gibberellin can be destroyed. The sweet taste of wheat. Contaminated wheat can also be soaked directly in clean water. Change the water every 24 hours, change the water 3 times, and remove the poison. It can also be soaked with 5% lime water solution, change the water after 24 hours, and rinse it again with water after 24 hours.
(3) Soybean cake cooking and sterilizing method Bean cake, rapeseed cake and cottonseed cake can be sterilized by steaming and squeezing cakes, squeezing and squeezing cakes, adding water and mixing them into a moist state, and steaming in a steamer for 2-3 hours. Add water to the tank and soak for 24 hours. Can also be used to detoxify the pit method, that is, choose a high and dry place, according to the amount of cake to dig a suitable size of the pit, the crushed soybean cake, etc. at 100-200 kg of bread flour water, mix well Pour into the pit and cover it with a thick soil of about 40 cm. Detoxify after burying it for 1-2 months.


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