Feeding formula for lactating rabbits

Lactating female rabbit formula (1): Loquat powder 9, soybean straw 25, corn 36.5, soybean meal 12, fried soybean 10, bone meal 1.5, fish meal 2, shell powder 3, salt 0.5, rabbit music 0. 5. Formula for lactating female rabbits (2): 30% corn, 20% husk, 20% rind, 8% peanut cake, 6% sweet potato, 6% hay, 3% peanut meal, 4.5% soybean meal, 0.5% salt Bone meal 2%. Formula for lactating female rabbits (3): 15% peanut meal or sweet potato meal, 24.5% corn, 9.6% bran, 23% barley, 14% soybean meal, 8% peanut meal, cotton kernel meal 3 %, salt 0.5%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1%, rabbit music 0.7%, methionine 0.1%, lysine 0.1%, ball net 1%. (Note: The above data are percentages.) The following points should be noted in feeding and management during lactation of female rabbits: First, ensure that the feed has a higher protein content, preferably 18%; Second, sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine + cystine) The contents of lysine and lysine reached 0.65% and 0.9%, respectively; Third, supplementation of vitamins and vitamin feeds. Vitamin A and E content per kilogram of feed reach 10,000 units and 40 milligrams or more; Fourth, mineral supplements. Including major minerals calcium, phosphorus and salt and trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt and iodine, etc.); Fifth, free intake and free drinking water; Fifth, to provide a comfortable environment. Quiet, clean, dry and warm. To prevent noise, intrusion of animals, proximity of strangers, moving the birth box without any reason, and tossing their puppies. Sixth, establishing a relationship between human and rabbits. During the lactation of female rabbits, personnel fixation, cage fixation and feeding management procedures should be fixed. During the nursing of the female rabbits, it is not possible to move the birth box, catch the female rabbits, or play the rabbits, and even more, do not scold and fight the female rabbits. Seventh, prevent mastitis. There are three main causes of mastitis: poor hygiene, improper feed transition, and mechanical damage. Should take a comprehensive approach to prevention: the control of concentrates (a small amount of concentrate within 3 days postpartum, feed about 100 grams of good palatability, digestible feed and part of the grass can be, 3 to 5 days gradually increase Concentrate, free intake after 5 days), medication (3 days after delivery, feed 1 tablet per day for each rabbit), and nipple protection (post-partum massage with a sterilized hot towel) Wipe the breasts, then smear each nipple with veterinary iodine, once every other day, 3 times in a row)

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