Fermentation bed winter operation precautions

Fermentation Bed Winter Handling Precautions Winter management is the most troublesome in pig house management because of the need for ventilation and insulation. These two points are often in conflict. For example, the ventilation assembly causes a sharp drop in the temperature of the pig house, causing a cold in pigs. Cooling, and if a small amount of ventilation does not meet the requirement of fresh air, the fermentation bed can meet this requirement. During the sunny hours (12 o'clock in the afternoon and 14 o'clock in the sunny days), the windows were ventilated, and the windows were closed at night. The ventilation of the windows had little effect on the surface temperature of the fermentation bed, but it increased a lot of fresh air, lost a lot of water, and was very important for the management of winter barns because Loss of water in a timely manner is not beneficial to the management of the entire winter.

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