Fermenting bed (breeding bed rabbit breeding technology)

Fermenting bed (breeding bed rabbit breeding technology)
The majority of pig farmers in the fermented bed pigsty are already familiar with it. Due to its outstanding features such as environmental protection, ecology, time saving, labor saving, food saving, and good meat quality, Jinbao's fermentation bed pigs have been warmly welcomed by many pig farmers in China, and have been widely used. And there are also many large-scale breeders inquiring whether or not the Jinbao fermentation bed is also suitable for raising rabbits. After a long-term trial by our full-time technical staff, the answer is yes.
The Golden Baby microbial fermentation bed can be used to raise rabbits, and its deodorizing, sanitation, water saving, and feed saving effects are significantly better than those of ordinary feeding methods. How does the Jinbei Fermentation Bed raise rabbits? In fact, the principle of raising poultry is the same as raising pigs. The technical points of raising the poultry's fermentation bed compared with the swine's fermentation bed are as follows: The thickness of the fermentation bed can be appropriately thinned, generally a thickness of 50 cm can be used (rabbits have the habit of burglary), because poultry's volume is small, not Easy to compact. Rabbits excrete less urine, especially liquid urine, if the humidity of the fermentation bed is not enough, it will affect the fermentation effect, in this case, appropriate artificial spray some water, promote the normal fermentation. The bed of the fermentation bed does not have to be as complex as the pig fermentation bed, and some of the sawdust bedding can be replaced with suitable straw, which saves costs.
The use of goldfish fermentation bed to raise rabbits, high nutritional value of rabbits, to meet the standards of green ecological food, and reduce the amount of feed, because the fermented food can be eaten, saving 30% of the cost.

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