Five Principles of Apple Tree Summer Pruning

Summer pruning, also known as pruning in the growing season, is one of the important parts of the annual pruning of apple trees. It occupies an important position in the annual pruning of fruit trees. Its main methods of pruning include circumcision, girdling, twisting, picking, pulling, and thinning. Branches and autumn hats. However, if it is improperly trimmed, it will cause adverse effects on fruit trees. Therefore, the summer pruning must grasp the following five principles:

The object is to make sure that the main objects of summer pruning are letting grow trees, juvenile trees, and age-inefficient trees, and that trees that produce hard flowers and weak trees are generally not pruned in summer.

Time should be suitable for summer pruning. The missed opportunity not only fails to achieve good results, but sometimes results in the opposite. General ring cutting, girdling works best from late May to early June. It is advisable to pick up the heart and twist the tip from late May to early July. Branching and thinning are better during the period between the beginning of autumn and the period of Bailu. It is better to wear a cap and cut it in mid-August.

The amount of pruning should be appropriate because summer pruning will injure or cut off some of the branches and leaves, which will reduce the photosynthetic area, and will weaken the growth potential of fruit trees. Therefore, the amount of pruning should be lighter, and light shearing should be carried out under the premise of improving ventilation and light transmission, so as not to stimulate prosperous growth or not to weaken the tree vigor, so as to avoid adverse effects on the growth and results of the tree.

To promote the differentiation of flower buds and improve the quality of fruit, attention should be paid to improving the microclimate of the tree crown, ensuring good ventilation and light transmission conditions. After cutting, the branches should be dense and moderate, and the arrangement should be uniform and reasonable. Light can be transmitted to the inner canopy and the lower layer. In order to achieve the goal of promoting the differentiation of flower buds, avoiding "years of size" and improving the quality of fruit, the extent of the inside is not covered.

It is necessary to determine suitable pruning methods and pruning degree, or to promote flower growth, or to promote long-term growth, or to improve fruit quality, and ultimately to achieve high quality and yield, depending on the conditions of the tree, according to age, tree vigor, variety characteristics, natural conditions, and trim purposes. The purpose of stable production and strong trees.

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