Five ways to remove harmful gas in chicken coops

The litter deodorization method uses 0.5 kg of sulphur yellow to mix matting materials on the ground surface per square meter, which can suppress the generation and distribution of ammonia in the feces, reduce the ammonia content in the air in the house, and reduce the odor.

Adsorption uses odors in the air that are adsorbed by charcoal, activated carbon, coal residue, and quicklime. The method is to use charcoal in a net bag to hang in a chicken house or sprinkle some activated carbon, coal residue, quick lime, etc. on the ground.

The biological deodorization study found that many beneficial bacteria (such as EM) can increase the utilization of feed protein, reduce ammonia excretion in the faeces, can inhibit the generation of harmful gases by bacteria, and reduce the harmful gas content in the air.

The chemical deodorization method spreads a layer of superphosphate on the floor of the chicken house, which can reduce the ammonia emission in the feces and reduce the odor of the chicken house. The specific method is to sprinkle 350 g of superphosphate evenly on every 50 chickens. In addition, the 4% copper sulfate and the appropriate amount of slaked lime are mixed in the litter, which also reduces the air odor in the chicken house.

Chinese herbal medicine deodorizing method will be on the leaves, herb, Daqingye, garlic, etc. in the chicken house according to the appropriate amount of burning, can inhibit bacteria, but also deodorant, the best results in the use of empty space.

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