Flavor sauce tender duck processing method

Features: The skin is red and tender, the sauce is tempting and the taste is unique. The processing season is preferably after the beginning of each year and before the beginning of spring.

(1) Raw material formula. There were 10 white-breasted ducks, 1 to 1.5 kg of salt, 3.5 kg of soy sauce, 20 g of sugar sauce, 10 cloves, and 0.5 kg of rice wine.

(2) Production method. 1 Select a medium-sized, feathery, viable duck, slaughtered, fluffed, fleshed, and rinsed, and hang on a well-ventilated area after washing. 2 Each duck uses 70 grams of salt to rub evenly on the outside of the duck body. Rub about 60 grams of salt in the duck's beak, knife edge and abdominal cavity. Then twist the duck head to the chest and sandwich it under the right wing. Flatly placed in the cylinder, and with bamboo and stone compaction, in about O °C temperatures, pickled for 24 to 48 hours, then flip up and down once, continue to pickle for 24 to 48 hours, remove and hang ventilated place to drain. 3 Drain the duck billet into the reserve tank, add soy sauce, cloves, rice wine, and cover the bamboo pieces and compact them with stones. Dip for 48-56 hours at about 0°C and then turn the duck body up and continue to dip for 24-48 hours before starting the tank. 4 Add soy sauce to the sauce soaked in duck (according to 25 kg soy sauce and 150 g sauce color) boil, remove floating foam, pour the marinated duck body, rinse evenly and drain, the duck body is red, Sunlight 2 to 3 days is the finished product. Store in a dry, ventilated place before going public.

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