Floral arrangement method

1. Lighter and lighter: The flower buds are on the top, and the flowers are on the bottom; the light colors are on the top, the dark colors are down, and they are orderly and natural.

2, scattered on the lower poly: flower branches, the lower prosperous, firm roots; upper evacuation, varied.

3, high and low scattered: the position of the flowers should be staggered before and after the height, should not be inserted in the same horizontal or straight line.

4, density has caused: flowers and leaf bogey are arranged at equal distances, but there should be sparse dense, full of rhythm.

5, pitching echo: To establish the center, the surrounding flowers and leaves echo each other around the center, not only highlight the theme but there is no sense of balance.

6, the combination of the actual situation: the flowers are real, the leaves are imaginary, there are flowers without leaves owed to lining, leaves without flowers and lack of entities. That is, the so-called "Safflower is still green."

7, dynamic and static: it is necessary to have static symmetry, but also a dynamic patchwork.

8, Yizhuang is also harmonious: It is necessary to have a classical dignified and balanced, but also through the selection of materials, composition changes, creating a unique artistic mood.

Grasping the above six methods can make the flower styling both rhythm and stable, balance in the momentum, and get nature in the decoration.

In addition to mastering the six laws, we must also pay attention to the configuration principles of flower arrangement art:

The principle of rhythm change is to use different types of flowers, colors, patterns, differences in flower size, height and openness, and changes in branch curvature to increase the rhythm of the artwork. At the same time, these changes must conform to objective laws and artistic composition requirements. To achieve the desired effect.

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