Flower and boll stage cotton pay attention to seedling fertilization

In June, the cotton rain in the cotton fields of Hubei Province was frequent after rain buds. In addition to the differences in field management, the birth schedule of cotton was inconsistent. In the earlier developed cotton, 1 to 2 peaches were planted in each plant, and the late-developed cotton had just budding and the development progress was different by 20 to 30 days. Therefore, different measures should be taken in the management of cotton fertilization.

Judging from the field survey of cotton seedlings, the leaves of half of the 26 acres of Wang Hua’s 5th squadron of muddy squadrons of Handong City’s Jidong Farm’s squadron Wang Hua apparently lacked potash, suggesting that he immediately apply potash fertilizer. The 40 acres of Xiao Qihua's 8th group in Sujiapu Village, Taodian Township, Huangzhou District, has generally bloomed and grows steadily. He was originally preparing to top-up ammonium bicarbonate and phosphate fertilizer. We suggest him to use high-content compound fertilizer and apply potash fertilizer. In Zhangfengbing, a group of Zhang Xiangbing, a group of Zhangfengbing in the town of Zhuru, Caidian District, nearly 20 acres of cotton fields are generally deficient in potassium, lack of nitrogen, and lack of boron. We require him to apply nitrogen and potassium fertilizers quickly and apply boron fertilizer.

The flowering and bolling period is a crucial period for the gradual shift of vegetative growth from cotton to reproductive growth. It is also the peak period of cotton bolling. From the perspective of years of cotton growth, cotton concentrates on the peach period from late July to early August. The period is the golden period for the cotton to be boiled, and it is also the period when the cotton needs the most fertilizer. However, specific to different cotton fields, it must be different for the seedlings.

For the flowering period of cotton, due to vegetative growth is still in parallel with reproductive growth, then partial nitrogen fertilizer will lead to longevity of cotton and then gossip, not only exacerbate the fall of the bell, but also lead to premature aging. Since the cotton fields are overshadowed by excessive growth and humidity, they are not airy and light-transmitting, and the bolls in the lower part of the field are extremely susceptible to mildew and eventually cause a decrease in cotton production. Therefore, part of the cotton entering the flowering stage should be mainly applied with compound fertilizers, and 15-20 kg of high-content compound fertilizer should be applied per acre, or a small amount of urea should be applied, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be used in conjunction with the selection of insect-resistant cotton varieties. Farmers, but also to increase potassium fertilizer, no less than 15 kilograms per kilogram of potash, flowering fertilizer to deepen the intensity of the application, and to cultivate soil from scratch.

For already-cotted cotton, peach fertilizer should be applied. Where the area of ​​the hybrid insect-resistant cotton is larger, peach fertilizer should be applied twice. When the average cotton plant has 2-3 peaches, it should be applied per acre. Urea is about 15 kg. When a single plant has an average of 10 or so peaches, about 15 kg of urea should be applied again. The use of urea in cotton is more likely to cause madness when it is applied to urea, because after the cotton is planted in peach, the direction of nutrient transfer has been transferred from the vegetative to cotton bolls to provide sufficient nutrients in a timely manner, which can increase the boll weight, seed weight, and improve quality. However, the application period of peach fertilizer can not be too late, and late application will only lead to late-maturing lust.

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