Folding filter installation and use method

Installation and use of folding filter:

First, the filter installation method:

1 Wet the O-ring and slowly insert the filter vertically. All must be inserted into the stainless steel circular groove.

2 Press the filter fins with a stainless steel orifice plate. The pressure plate does not need to be too tight to prevent the filter cartridge from changing during high temperature sterilization.

3 Avoid direct contact with the filter element.

4 Flush the filter element as much as possible before use.

5 When turning the power on or off, please turn the valve slowly, do not open or close it at once to prevent the filter from being sucked during high temperature sterilization.

Second, the use of:

(1) Filter core disinfection method

1. Disinfect the disinfection cabinet, remove the filter element from the plastic bag, and sterilize it in a disinfection cabinet at 121oC for 30 minutes.

2, online disinfection, filter element installed in the filter in the correct way (fixed plate and filter element spacing 0.5mm). Steam for 30 minutes.

(2) Inflow and outflow identification The outside of the filter element enters the middle, and the positive recoil can be carried out in different directions.

(III) Aperture identification The filter housing has a hot-melt font, indicating the filter material and aperture.

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