Food taboos (edible mushrooms)

Dietary taboos for edible fungi

Fungus: horse meat and edible fungus with food is easy to get cholera snail and fungus with food poisoning

Radish and edible fungus will have dermatitis tea and fungus with the same food will reduce the absorption of iron

Ophiopogon japonicus and edible fungus with the food can cause chest tightness, pregnant women, and stools should not eat too much food

Bamboo rafts: Diarrhea should not be (bacterial skirt is orange or lemon yellow bamboo raft poisonous, fresh bamboo ramen has a foul head, smell and toxicity can not be eaten)

Chicken fungus: cold patients eat less, eat when the stomach is not good

Straw mushroom: cold straw mushroom, spleen and stomach Deficiency people eat less

Flammulina velutipes: cold, usually spleen and stomach deficiency, people with diarrhea eat less, can not eat with donkey

Hericium erinaceus: tonic, stomach. Diarrhea patients eat less, there are skin diseases (including allergies) deprivation

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are dynamic foods that are resistant to stubborn skin itching

Ganoderma lucidum: Is hot, chilling should not

White fungus: qi bleeding is not suitable, cold cough should not

Eat ear: cold, spleen and stomach Deficiency and fecal diarrhea are not suitable

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