Four types of chemical fertilizers are not suitable for fertilization in spring season

Fertilizer refers to the fertilizer that is applied at the same time as the sowing or mixing with the seed. Fertilizer has a great impact on crop seeds. If properly selected, it can ensure smooth germination of seed and vigorous growth of seedlings. However, some fertilizers are not suitable for crops, and fertilizers that are not suitable for crops are:

The corrosive fertilizers ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia water are volatile and corrosive. They can easily injure seeds and seedlings. The superphosphate contains free sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, which can cause damage to seed germination and seedling growth. Generally, it is not suitable for seed fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer can be applied under the seeding ditch or separated from the seed by a certain soil layer, or mixed with superphosphate and earth fertilizer.

The toxic fertilizer urea often contains a small amount of biuret, which is toxic to the seed and seedlings. In addition, urea molecules with a high nitrogen content penetrate into the protein molecules of the seed, denature the protein, and affect seed germination.

Fertilizers containing harmful ions Potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, and other fertilizers contain chloride ions, and when applied to the soil, they produce water-soluble chlorides, which are detrimental to seed germination and seedling growth. Nitrate ions contained in fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate also affect seed germination.

Alkaline fertilizer kiln ash potassium fertilizer, steel slag phosphate fertilizer and other alkaline fertilizers are also not suitable for seed fertilizer. Potash kiln ash has strong hygroscopicity, and it releases a lot of heat after absorbing water, easily burning seeds and radicles. When it is necessary to make fertilizer, it must be mixed with organic fertilizer, applied into the sowing ditch, and then sown with cover.

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