French scientists have recently discovered a special hormone that can treat diabetes

The French National Institute of Health and Medical published a communique on the 4th that the researchers have discovered a special hormone that promotes the absorption of sugar by cells. This discovery will help people develop new ways to treat diabetes.
The communique said that the medical profession has been treating diabetes with insulin. It is a kind of human hormone. It can promote the sugar in the blood into the tissue cells such as liver and fat, and realize the anabolism of the human body, thus maintaining the heart. Normal function of the brain and muscles.

Once the insulin-infecting pancreatic cells in the human body are damaged or the body's sensitivity to insulin is reduced, the sugar cannot be absorbed by the cells and will accumulate in the blood, leading to diabetes and various complications.
The communique pointed out that a research team led by Philip Valle, an expert at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, recently discovered that a hormone called Apelin can also act to promote the absorption of sugar by cells. This hormone is secreted by lipocytes, but it is very high. less. Researchers believe that increasing insulin levels in the absence of insulin can delay the onset of diabetes.
In order to verify the effectiveness of this hormone, the researchers injected the hormone into the experimental mice with diabetes, and found that their muscle and tissue cells significantly enhanced the absorption of sugar, and the blood sugar content of the experimental mice recovered to almost Normal level.
Valais said that in the future they will verify whether increasing the hormone content in the human body can also promote the absorption of sugar by cells. If the answer is yes, they will synthesize a molecule similar to Apelin hormone for use in the treatment of diabetes. In the drug.

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