Fresh cut flowers commonly used preservation method

After the fresh cut flowers are bought back, if they do not try to keep fresh, they will soon fall and lose their ornamental value. Here are some ways to preserve fresh cut flowers: 1. Branch-folding method: For some fragile flowers, the flower branch used to insert the bottle is selected and it must be broken by hand. In this way, the stalks are not under pressure, and the catheters are normally maintained and easily absorb moisture. 2. End-breaking method: The stalk ends (about an inch or so) are broken and the water-absorbing area is enlarged. General woody flowering branches such as magnolia, hydrangea, clove, peony, and wisteria can be used in this method. 3. Fresh-keeping agent for flowers: Add appropriate amount of chemical agents to the flower-arrangement solution and use it to suppress squid to prolong the preservation time. If you can not buy freshness agent temporarily, you can use potassium permanganate quaternary 4,000 anti-corrosion solution, or use aspirin 3000-thousand aqueous solution formulated as a simple preservative, can also make flowering. Simple preservatives can also bloom. 4. Scalding method: Soak the base of herbal flowers in boiling water for about 10 seconds, or soak in hot water for 2 minutes, and then immerse them in cold water after they are removed. This can play an important role in infarct incision and prevent the overflow of floral tissue juice. Mostly used for herbal flower hot water immersion method. V. Tea Law: Rootless flowers inserted in a vase, easy to wither, the general water floral flowering season only three or four days withered. If you use tea (you can also use freshly brewed tea, but you must wait until the tea is completely cooled before you can use it) instead of fresh water, you can delay the time when the flowers are withered. Tea is a little thicker. Tea is used to arrange flowers, flowers will not fade in 7 days, and the flowers are bright and colorful. 6. First aid method: When the flowers are down, you can cut a short section of the flower branch, and then put it in a container filled with cold water, leaving only the first exposed in the water, after 1-2 hours, the flower will wake up, grass Both woody flowers are suitable. 7. Beer Law: Add a bit of beer to the bottle with fresh flowers, or insert the flowers into a beer bottle with foam, and then add the appropriate amount of fresh water. The result will be that the freshness of these flowers has been extended. This is because beer contains ethanol, which can sterilize and sterilize flowering branches. It also contains sugar and other nutrients that can provide nutrients for branches and leaves. 8. Refrigerator Preservation Method: When the family goes out, the bottle-retaining flower arrangement can be stored in a plastic bag and kept in the refrigerator. It can be kept for a few days without falling, and it can be removed and inserted in the vase after being returned. In addition, the flower cutting material should be selected flowers blossoming only 70% of the flowering branches, when the flower arrangement is in full bloom, should not be placed on the window with strong sunlight, so as to avoid premature wilting of flowers. 3-4 days in winter, 1-2 days in summer, change the water, do not add enough, in order to facilitate long-lasting flowering. In order to allow the flowers to bloom for a long time, when cutting the flower branches, the incision is preferably cut into a 45-degree slant so that the water-absorbing area can be enlarged, or the base of the flower stem can be cracked to help absorb water. In the water used for flower arrangement, adding a small amount of sugar can supplement the nutrients needed for flowers. Adding a small amount of salt can prevent the growth of bacteria. If you add a small amount of vitamin C, the protection of flowers will be even greater. After the flower is inserted, it should be placed in a place where the air is circulated and the light is suitable. Change water frequently to prevent flowers and leaves from falling into the water and contaminating the water. When changing the water, cut a part of the incision where the base is not fresh and insert it into the water. Cut the cut flowers with a sharp knife instead of scissors, preferably in the early morning or evening. Dilute with cool water at 20°C. Blades inserted into water should be cut off. Do not place fruit in the place where flowers are cut, but keep away from the TV. Room temperature is preferably 15-20°C. If you add a small amount of sugar or one or two tablets of aspirin to the flowering liquid, it will help preserve freshness and color.

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