Fresh-food Soybean 15-1 Cultivation Techniques

The "15-1" new varieties of fresh-breed soybeans have the features of early ripening, well-growth, dark-green leaves, short plants, concentrated scab, and good commercial quality. Soybean varieties with good taste are currently welcomed by consumers. Its cultivation techniques are as follows:
First, choose the soil with deep soil, high organic matter content, loose soil sandy loam or loam soil, the best for the former species of vegetables, rape.
Second, sowing season The best sowing season is from early February to early May.
Third, the amount of sowing and planting specifications sowing volume of 12-14 kg / 667m2. The row spacing is 30cm30cm or 30cm25cm. Seeds of 5 seeds/plot of live seedlings, with 3-5 seedlings per pond after emergence. In early spring (from early February to mid-March), it is best to use seedlings for transplanting. Seedlings can be planted with seedlings or spread on seedbeds. However, it is necessary to cover the mulch to obtain neat and transplant seedlings and ponds. When you do the best 2.3m open rake, made a double rake, leaving 30cm in the middle of the aisle, each single rake width 1m.
Fourth, fertilization When the bean seedlings grow to 3-4 pieces of hair, the application of ammonium bicarbonate 7-10 kg / 667m2, calcium calcium 40-50 kg / 667m2, borax 2 kg / 667m2, zinc sulfate 2 kg / 667m2 watered pouring Shi. When the bean seedlings grow to 5-7 pieces of hairy leaves and begin to branch, they are raised with urea 5-7 kg/667m2 watered. Flowering and poding period If the plant growth is good, the leaf color is dark green and no fertilizer is needed. If the plant growth is poor and the leaf color is light green, 3-5 kg/667 m2 of urea can be used to spread the pods.
V. Prevention and control of pests and diseases Grass diseases are not prominent in soybeans, mainly pests. Insect pests include small tigers, leaf miners, aphids, cabbage caterpillars, and soybean meal.
1. Small tigers: After the seedlings are unearthed, pesticides such as "Lethben", "Deltamethrin", "Poison" and other pesticides can be sprayed after 5 pm.
2, locusts: can be used "imidacloprid", "Lesben", "Acetamiprid" and other control.
3, soybean meal: In the flowering period, "Cyanmar EC", "Bataan", "Lostburn" and other pesticides spray control before 10 o'clock in the morning.
4, leaf miner flies: Available "deep leaf spirit", "g-planting flies", "potential potential" and other pesticides spray control at the seedling stage.
5. Weeds: Can be used to spray the soybeans before sowing after sowing, and use 30ml/667m2 of “Nees” to control the spray of 45kg of water.
In addition, we must also do a good job of prevention and control of rodent pests.

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